Join Carpe Diem in Italy and Greece during fall semester 2020 to explore climate change through a lens of resilience and regeneration. The semester will begin in Bologna, Italy and end in Athens, Greece.

Experience a time of celebration and community while participating in the age-old tradition of the annual grape harvest. Work alongside a young activist community who are reclaiming abandoned orchards and vineyards in an effort to revitalize land-based community agriculture.

Travel a few hours south of Florence to join a community that focuses on environmental education and sustainable development. We’ll explore concepts of biomass (forest) protection as a means to offset climate change, as well as earthen architecture, natural alternatives to chemical products, and other sustainable practices that you can integrate into your life at home.

Crossing the Ionian Sea by overnight ferry, we will arrive in Athens, Greece and begin a week of homestays and language study. Days will be spent exploring historical sites, practicing basic Greek in local markets and participating in daily life with our host families.

Traveling to the mountainous region of the Peloponnese peninsula, we learn about the concept of “re-greening” our lives. From small changes that can be made in our daily lives, to large scale implications of social and industrial practices, we consider the complexities of climate change activism and various ways of engaging in environmental and social resilience efforts.

In our final week, we travel to the island of Crete where we will witness a multitude of traditional methods of agricultural regeneration. We’ll take a few days on our journey back to Athens to explore many of the surrounding islands and snorkel at Mochlos, the site of an ancient Minoan settlement that now lies underwater due to past climate change events.The group will also see the traditional blue and white villages of the Cycladic island chain.

We’ll complete the semester by enjoying a traditional Greek farewell dinner before saying goodbye to the Mediterranean, and Europe, and beginning our journey homeward.

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