Established in 1988, the prestigious Oxford Gap Year is a unique study and cultural immersion program set in the historic university city of Oxford, UK.  It is ideal for those students who recognise the advantage of a travel experience combined with refining their academic skills before starting college. 

Students are given the opportunity to experience the more intimate method of instruction and study favored by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge; they are able to pursue their academic interests through meeting in small seminar groups, supported by one-on-one tutorials.  They are able to explore their academic interests in a stimulating environment, with close tutor support and without a set curriculum.

Students may enrol at any time and for a course of any length; typically they join for one or two terms or a full academic year, although courses of a specifically-requested duration can be arranged, given the flexibility of the tutorial method.  Up to four classes are chosen from a wide choice and each is tailored to suit the individual student.

Academic work is complemented by a full and varied program of activities and visits, both in Oxford and further afield, including trips to important cultural and historical sites in England.  

Those who wish to practise and develop skills in chosen sports are encouraged to do so.  We help facilitate a maintenance of their involvement in sports and athletic interests, as requested. 

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Participant Reviews

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