As an online program, the Avenues Mastery Year allows you to be anywhere there is an internet connection. You could be roaming the world, or spending the year in one place. Whenever you are in New York City (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), or Shenzhen (China), you will have access to Avenues' global network of campuses.

The Avenues Mastery Year is a unique, online gap year program offered by Avenues: The World School in collaboration with the Long Now Foundation. Designed to accelerate the development of future inventors and entrepreneurs, participants immerse themselves in the history and future of innovation studies while simultaneously gaining essential implementation skills in invention and entrepreneurship. The program culminates in a patent-pending invention with the US Patent and Trademark Office, a pitch deck, and a corresponding business plan.

Two tracks are offered: Making and Design and Future Sustainability

We’re looking for a select group of bold, creative thinkers and doers to create a community where each individual can speak their mind, contribute their talents, and take charge of their learning.  All international applicants may apply. 

You will need to be:
-Self-driven, persistent, and curious courageous, a problem-solver, creative, and a team-player
-Responsible and sensitive to others
-Patient, adaptive, mature, good-willed, and comfortable with uncertainty

You will also need to have a reliable internet connection at home

Program Learning Outcomes:
-Develop an original invention and apply for a patent
-Reverse engineer and hack a range of inventions in electrical and sustainable engineering
-Explain the common challenges that inventors face when bringing a new idea into the world.
-Develop informed stances on complex issues at the intersection of humanity and technology including privacy, human responsibility, and unintended consequences.

For 2020-21 we are accepting applications from students aged 17 and above. Admissions is selective and spots are limited. Synchronous sessions of seminars and invention project workshops will take place Monday to Thursday for two hours in the morning or afternoon Eastern Time. Fridays will be reserved for office hours, independent project work, and special events.

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Participant Reviews

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