At Stevens, our unique curriculum offers a one-of-a-kind undergraduate experience you won't find anywhere else. Stevens is one of only two universities nationwide to offer entrepreneurship training to freshmen.

Technology drives every program at Stevens, from medical device design to cybersecurity to our music and arts coursework. And, increasingly, technology-focused businesses are managed in highly entrepreneurial fashion.


That's why, at Stevens, we teach you to think like a tech entrepreneur from day one. 

At Stevens we leverage significant research funding support and forge ties with leading industry and government partners including Google, Nike, Intel, Michelin, Accenture, ExxonMobil and the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security.

Even if you don't launch the next big startup, a basic knowledge of product design, prototypying, sales, marketing, teamwork and fundraising will prove invaluable in your career search and workplace later.

We are one of just two universities nationwideto teach freshman a course in entrepreneurial thinking.

    • Students in the class brainstorm new apps, ideas and services in teams
    • Meet with real marketing professionals and focus groups
    • Listen to guest lectures in leadership, strategy, finance, manufacturing
    • Study Harvard Business Review case studies.

Later in the semester, each team presents the new idea while faculty and fellow students munch snacks and evaluate the ideas, Shark Tank-style.

We also complete most students' careers with the Senior Design Project, another exercise in designing new products and services in a team and presenting it before a panel of professionals. Some of these ideas turn into real startups later. Some of them win cash prizes during our 'pitch' competitions.

It's fun. But it's also enlightening and educational.

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Participant Reviews

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