Columbus College of Art & Design teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the midst of a thriving creative community in Columbus, Ohio. CCAD has 12 undergraduate majors in its Bachelor of Fine Arts program and Master’s programs that produce graduates equipped to shape culture and business at the highest level.

Columbus College of Art & Design teaches undergraduate and graduate students in the midst of a thriving creative community in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 1879, CCAD is one of the oldest private, nonprofit art and design colleges in the United States, and in 2019, the college is celebrating 140 years of creative excellence. CCAD offers 12 undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts programs and master’s programs in art and design that produce graduates equipped to shape culture and business at the highest level.

CCAD’s 12 undergraduate majors are Advertising & Graphic Design, Animation, Comics & Narrative Practice, Fashion Design, Film & Video, Fine Arts, Game Art & Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Architecture & Design, and Photography. CCAD also offers a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts.

In the Advertising & Graphic Design program, you’ll catapult yourself into an influential career, whether you work for yourself or with advertising and design industry leaders. With the multidisciplinary skills, you’ll gain in this award-winning program at CCAD, you’ll be well equipped to take risks, influence decision-makers, and propel social movements. You’ll learn how to combine verbal, visual, and interactive media to create and convey resilient, tailor-made messages, using the latest techniques and tools. As a student, you’ll impact the pages of industry presses like Print and Communication Arts, and as a grad, you’ll impact the world. Our alumni work as graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, marketing strategists, copywriters, environmental designers, web designers/developers, brand managers, social media managers, interactive media directors, and design consultants.

Life is full of movement, and you’re here to capture it. In the Animation program, you’ll dive right into cutting-edge animation techniques and learn 2D, 3D and experimental styles, as well as game art, motion graphics, digital modeling, and more. You’ll have access to industry-standard facilities and expert guidance from creative faculty. And you’ll work in a quick-paced, electric environment focused on pushing you to create your best work. Our graduates lead their fields as story artists, character animators for feature films, effect house animators, game artists, live theater effect designers, motion designers, projection mapping artists, rapid prototyping producers, television animators, and architectural visualization producers.

Comics & Narrative Practice is our groundbreaking program devoted to telling stories with words and images. You’ll create original comics and graphic novels and learn how to shape narrative elements and invent signature styles, stories, and characters. You’ll also meet with top industry practitioners and immerse yourself in the profession, culture, and art of comics as you gain practical experience with story pitches, prepress, budgeting, and marketing. Our graduates can go on to work as independent artists, writers, publishers, comics illustrators, colorists, letterers, storyboard artists and character developers for comics, animation, gaming, and toys.

By the time you graduate from our Fashion Design program, you’ll contribute to some of the largest and most creative fashion brands in the world. As the home of the third-highest concentration of fashion designers in the U.S. (behind New York and Los Angeles), Columbus offers a fashion-forward backdrop for your ever-evolving designs. Our innovative program provides you with a rich understanding of the business of fashion so you can successfully create wearable art with purpose. Our graduates go on to work as fashion designers, print and pattern designers, accessory designers, technical designers, costume designers, fashion forecasters, pattern makers, boutique owners, and stylists.

Sharpen your creative eye with real-world assignments in our Film & Video program. You’ll explore every aspect of the filmmaking process at CCAD — from pre-production through post-production and distribution — working with faculty who not only teach, but practice professionally. Whether you want to make films, motion graphics, fine-art installations, commercials, documentaries or music videos, you can make them all at CCAD with all the newest industry gear and tools. If you want to change the face of filmmaking and make lifelong connections, this is the place to start. Our graduates go on to work as directors, cinematographers, editors, producers, video installation artists, production designers, motion graphics artists, videographers, assistant directors, script supervisors, visual effects artists, sound designers, storyboard artists, and technical artists.

In our Fine Arts program, you'll realize your artistic vision. Deepen your creative journey by learning cutting-edge art theory while expanding your practice in any number of mediums, including drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting. Take part in intensive studio courses, network with internationally renowned visiting artists, and immerse yourself in the professional world with a methodology and worldview that are essential to any career. Our graduates go on to work around the world as professional studio artists, art administrators, art educators, art critics, museum and gallery curators, exhibition designers, festival artists, gallery directors, jewelry designers, public art sculptors, and gallery owners. And their work has been featured in books and national newspapers, magazines, and journals.

In our new Game Art & Design major, you will be able to share and build games created through your unique perspective. You’ll learn everything game-making, from introductory coding to playable prototypes, and you’ll develop the skills and confidence to create both digital and physical game-ready assets alongside emerging trends in augmented and virtual technologies. Our program will give you access to a diverse community of students and local creators, visiting practitioners, and expert guidance from CCAD faculty across disciplines. As a Game Art & Design major, you’ll learn how to build environments intended for player exploration, storytelling, and immersive gameplay. You’ll be engaged with community game forums and have the opportunity to participate in hackathons, regional game festivals, and expos. In Game Art & Design, you’ll collaborate, connect, create, and play with your peers and those in the game industry.

Change the visual landscape with cutting-edge illustrations and learn to communicate ideas clearly through pictures in our renowned Illustration program. You’ll master the latest technology, study under industry leaders, and go on to create beautiful works that tell stories through printed books, motion graphics, or fabric patterns. You’re prepared to lead the creative economy — whether you’re starting your own businesses in publishing, designing video games, or doing concept designs for top entertainment companies. Our graduates go on to work as editorial illustrators, book illustrators, advertising designers, character and asset designers, designers for web and mobile, greeting card designers, video game designers, poster artists, apparel graphics designers, product and toy designers, newspaper graphic artists, fine artists, and film effects creators.

You’ll discover problems and their solutions in our Industrial Design program, where collaboration is key. Projects with peers, faculty, and clients like General Motors and Airstream are the norm. Our designers are inventors, innovators, and game-changers. We reimagine and execute the design of everything from boats and bicycles to shoes, water bottles, and other everyday products. Our graduates go on to design commercial equipment, electronics, furniture, garments, housewares, industrial tools, interaction, medical devices, personal products, retail displays, shoes, sports equipment, toys, trade exhibits, user experience, user interface, and vehicles.

You’re not a decorator — you’re a designer who’s changing the way we interact and engage with our built environment. In our Interior Architecture & Design program, you’ll solve social problems and design spaces that change the way people live, work, and engage with one another. Courses in hand-sketching, computer modeling, and communications will translate your vision into a wide range of spaces and industries. And our collaborative classroom projects with local and national brands (like Wolf’s Ridge Brewing and Airstream) will give you opportunities to design a variety of types of projects and have your research, planning, and design work used early in your career. Our students go on to work at architecture and interior design firms and retail design agencies. They work as visual merchandisers, space planners, furniture designers, staging specialists, and textile designers. The flexibility of the interior design discipline also allows students to explore work as design researchers, design strategists, lighting designers, and sustainability consultants.

Photography surrounds us, but you've got an eye for what stands out. In our Photography program, you’ll work with industry professionals to refine your vision and learn the business of photography. You’ll use the best gear and software to become well-versed in multiple photographic formats — a master of the darkroom and cutting-edge digital technology. You’ll leave CCAD confident in your aesthetic and ability to market yourself. Our graduates go on to work as product and food photographers, portrait photographers, fine artists, photo editors, editorial illustration photographers, architectural photographers, curators, retouchers, photography teachers, corporate and public relations photographers, and online and interactive producers.

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