Here’s to all the risk-takers, the innovators, the independent spirits that won’t be satisfied by a typical college experience. The Art Academy of Cincinnati is here to redefine your idea of an education and offer you something different.

We’ve been making artists since 1869 and we’re still making creatives today. We know that studying the arts can take you anywhere and transform you into anything you want to be. Dare to become a contemporary visual artist or designer and make a difference in the world around you as a creative professional.

Art isn’t just our passion, it’s our obsession. We are a collective of die-hard creatives at home in a vibrant community. Situated in historic Over-the-Rhine, our neighborhood provides a constant source of inspiration. AAC’s campus is a cultural cornerstone in our community and a home base for our student’s creative pursuits.

Being one of the smallest four-year art colleges in the country is one of our biggest strengths. Our students receive extraordinary individualized attention from our instructors. Pursue a BFA, your way. We offer professional accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in:

An integrated education, Design is a fusion of fine art studio practices and liberal arts experiences all through a contemporary design lens. Discover how to refine the process of inquiry that leads to creative solutions for a variety of visual communication problems and gain the intellectual and technical skills needed to achieve success as design professional.

Illustrators are excited by the surprising unpredictability of contemporary imagery in our media-driven world. Learn the language of visual communication while engaging in relentless experimentation. Study drawing, painting, photography and digital media to find your voice -- creating a personal body of work that reflects your individual vision. Complimenting the Illustration major, the AAC also offers a suite of Animation courses that can be taken as studio electives.

Immerse yourself in an environment that encourages an innovative definition of Painting and Drawing. Explore this dynamic, eclectic practice through realistic, abstract and/or non-objective subject matter. Deepen your cultural and intellectual understanding of the contemporary art world and learn to navigate the complexities of being an artist today. 

Sculpture is a sensory experience. It can be touched, heard, smelled, tasted and even seen. Learn extraordinary processes that range from traditional casting, carving, and construction to the most radical contemporary spatial practices and interventionist strategies.

Print Media balances traditional approaches that have been invigorated by new technologies. Express your creativity through a full range of techniques, including screen printing, monoprints, relief, intaglio, letterpress, book arts, and lithography.

Study a unique breadth of traditional and cutting-edge photographic processes while diving into a blend of theoretical and real-world instruction. Learn about 35mm, digital, medium-and large-format cameras, black and white printing, digital output, color shooting, experimental photography, and digital video.

Learn essential technical and creative aspects of video production, all while immersed in the stunning backdrop of one of the Midwest’s most beautiful downtown historic districts.  Receive the technical and artistic grounding necessary to bring your own cinematic visions to life.

Explore and exploit the possibilities inherent in the collision of language and visual expression. Come face to face with the strange power of words to literally and literarily re-make the world, as we know it. Engage with language as a material, artistic medium, and discover its narrative and poetic possibilities.

Art History isn’t the study of something long gone and finished, it’s the study of the ways that the art of the past ripples through the present to the next big thing. The Art History Minor combines the study of art history and contemporary studio practice with a foundation in academic research and art historical methodologies.

If you have a vision, AAC will make you into a visionary. Embrace endless possibility at AAC. You belong here.

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Participant Reviews

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