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    Therapeutic Advisors

    Finding the right treatment setting for your teen’s needs can feel overwhelming. Therapeutic advisors, also known as therapeutic specialists or educational consultants, help you navigate this process.

    They begin by thoroughly assessing your child’s needs and challenges. These advisors consider factors like the severity of their condition, co-occurring disorders, if any, learning style, and personality. This comprehensive evaluation ensures the therapeutic advisors find and recommend the right treatment program for your teenager.

    Matching needs with programs

    There’s a broad spectrum of available therapeutic programs, ranging from day to residential facilities. Therapeutic advisors understand these options, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They can match your teenager with a program offering the right level of care or support and the best approach to address their specific needs.

    Building a strong team

    Therapeutic advisors don’t work in isolation. They can connect you with a network of other professionals, including therapists, educational specialists, and job coaches. This collaboration ensures a coordinated approach that addresses your teen’s needs from multiple angles.

    Working with a therapeutic advisor is an investment in your child’s well-being. These specialists’ expertise and guidance ensure you find the best program and supportive environment for your child. Check out our blog for Parents for more resources.