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    Private Schools in Georgia

    Private Schools in Georgia

    Georgia boasts a vibrant landscape of private schools offering a distinctive, enriching educational experience that goes beyond the state’s famous peaches. Many of the state’s private schools have a reputation for rigorous academic programs, challenging students to excel and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity. This focus on academic excellence prepares students for success in the country’s top universities and colleges.

    Strong Academic Focus and Diverse Programs

    Georgia’s private schools combine a solid academic foundation with exciting specialization options, with many schools offering programs that cater to specific interests: 

    • A STEM academy for future scientists.
    • An arts-focused institution for the budding artist.
    • A school with a global perspective for the internationally minded student.   

    Georgia’s private schools go beyond academics to equip students for future success.  A vast array of extracurricular activities in athletics, arts, and clubs allows students to explore their passions and develop well-rounded skill sets. Dedicated college counselors provide personalized guidance throughout the application process, maximizing students’ chances of getting into their dream schools. Many schools offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes, allowing students to take on academic challenges, earn college credit, and boost their college applications.  This comprehensive approach fosters academic excellence and well-rounded individuals prepared for the next chapter.

    Georgia boasts several prestigious boarding schools that provide a structured and focused learning environment ideal for students who thrive on routine and a strong academic atmosphere.  These immersive experiences often attract students from diverse backgrounds and countries, fostering a rich and inclusive environment where students develop a global perspective and connect with peers from different cultures.

      Georgia has a number of prestigious private schools for parents and students to explore together. From Atlanta to Savannah and beyond, the private schools listed on this page represent the very best that Georgia has to offer. Take a look and start exploring today!