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    Studying Abroad in High School

    Broaden Your Horizons by Studying Abroad in High School

    High school is a transformative period of rapid growth where you develop new skills, explore your interests, and solidify your sense of self. Your experiences during these years can have a lasting impact on your future, shaping your academic path and career aspirations. Intrigued by the idea of expanding your horizons? Studying abroad for a year of high school could be the perfect adventure for you. Here are some reasons why.

    • Boost brainpower by escaping routine and challenging your mind. Studying abroad forces you to adapt and learn in a new environment, creating new neural connections that can enhance memory and improve problem-solving skills and cognitive flexibility.  
    • Grow independence by taking charge and becoming your own advocate. High school study abroad programs encourage you to navigate unfamiliarity, fostering self-reliance and resourcefulness. You’ll learn to budge your time and money, manage everyday tasks on your own, and confidently communicate with people from different backgrounds.
    • Master a language by immersing yourself in a living language. When you’re surrounded by the language and use it daily in real-life situations, such as ordering food at a cafe and asking for directions, you’ll see rapid improvement and mastery compared to traditional classroom learning.
    • Live the culture by going beyond sightseeing, becoming part of the vibrant tapestry, and broadening your worldview. Connect with the locals, experience authentic traditions, and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. You might volunteer at a local community center, participate in a traditional art workshop, or attend a festival. 
    • Expand your social circle by making friends nationwide — and worldwide. You’ll meet American peers from diverse backgrounds, expanding your perspective and cultivating lifelong friendships. You’ll also connect with local students, learning about their lives and cultures.
    • Develop career skills by participating in a program that fosters valuable skills sought by employers in today’s interconnected, digital world, such as global awareness, communication across cultures, problem-solving in unexpected situations, and teamwork in diverse settings.

    Another bonus of studying abroad during your junior or senior year of high school? You’ll stand out in college applications. Studying abroad sets you apart from other applicants and gives you compelling essay material. Colleges value well-rounded individuals with a global perspective and thirst for adventure. Your experience will showcase your independence, adaptability, and intercultural communication skills, making you a highly desirable candidate.

    Live an adventure and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Make lifelong friends from around the world, visit unforgettable places, and experience personal growth that’ll stay with you forever. You’ll return home with confidence and a treasure trove of memories that will shape you for years.

      Studying abroad in high school can boost your brainpower, independence, and language skills. You’ll experience new cultures, make friends globally, and develop skills valued by colleges. It’s an adventure in self-discovery that will stay with you forever.