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    Environmental Conservation Gap Programs

    Become a guardian of the planet by enrolling in an environmental conservation gap program

    For dedicated eco-warriors yearning to make a tangible difference, environmental gap programs offer an unmatched and transformative experience, unlike other gap year options. Here’s what sets environmental conservation gap programs apart.

    Become a change agent. 

    Actively participate in real-world conservation efforts, from protecting endangered wildlife in Africa to promoting sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia to advocating for rainforests in South America. Your hands-on contribution directly impacts the environment and empowers local communities.

    Develop specialized skills. 

    Learn from experienced conservationists and researchers, gaining practical skills in ecological monitoring, habitat restoration, and sustainable resource management. These skills equip you for future careers in environmental science, conservation biology, and related fields—and even environmental law. 

    Witness nature’s wonders. 

    Surround yourself with the natural environment, from rainforests and coral reefs to tundras and steppes. See our world’s beauty and fragility firsthand as you become an environmental steward.

    Foster cross-cultural collaboration. 

    Work with local communities reliant on the land for their livelihoods. This partnership promotes cultural exchange, teaches valuable lessons about sustainable living practices, and builds a global network of environmentally conscious individuals.

    Advocate for sustainability. 

    Learn effective communication and advocacy skills as you grow empowered to become a voice for change in your community and beyond.

    Combine exploration and education. 

    Travel to diverse locations, meet new cultures, and actively contribute to environmental protection. This unique blend broadens your horizons and ignites a drive for lifelong learning.

    Environmental conservation gap programs aren’t just about volunteering. They’re about empowering and engaging the next generation of environmental leaders. You’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the ecological challenges we face, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and desire to be a force for positive change in the world.

      If you are dedicated to working for the environment, sustainability or conservation, these gap programs let you help as well as discover new cultures and places. You can spend a two weeks or an academic year working with wildlife conservation, environmentally responsible communities, green design, alternative energy and sustainable agriculture. In the meantime, you’ll learn important skills for college and discover new parts of the world or the United States.