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    Christian Gap Year Programs

    Find Your Calling with a Christian Gap Year Program

    After they graduate from high school, many young adults crave a meaningful experience before starting college. A Christian gap year program offers a unique blend of faith, exploration, service, and personal growth, setting it apart from traditional gap year options.

    Live your faith with a Christian gap year program that integrates faith into daily life with service projects, Bible studies, and discussions with like-minded peers. Many programs offer opportunities to explore ministry or mission work, allowing you to see where your faith intersects with your talents and passions. You have a chance to connect with other young Christians who share your values in a supportive environment, fostering spiritual growth and lasting friendships.

    Serve Others and Make a Difference

    Participate in projects that address local or global needs, whether it’s building homes or running youth programs or helping advocate for clean water and equal education opportunities for girls. Serving alongside others cultivates a deeper understanding of the world’s challenges and motivates you to make a positive impact. By putting your faith into action, you experience the joy of serving others and seeing how your faith translates into tangible good works.

    A Christian gap program offers:

    • Faith-based perspective, gain a deeper understanding of your faith through service and learning experiences tailored to Christian values.
    • Globally-minded approach. Many programs offer international travel and service opportunities, expanding your worldview and growing intercultural understanding.
    • Spiritual guidance. Benefit from mentorship and guidance from experienced Christian leaders who will help you navigate your faith journey.

    A Bridge Between High School and College

    A Christian gap year program offers a transformative experience far beyond academics. It invites you to explore your faith, develop your service heart, and build a strong Christian community. This foundation equips you to face the challenges and opportunities of college life with a deeper sense of purpose and direction.

      Find your faith’s calling. Christian gap years blend service, exploration, and spiritual growth. Serve others, explore your faith, and build a strong Christian community before college.