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    Colleges & Universities in Virginia

    History, Honor, and Higher Learning: Virginia’s Rich Tapestry of Colleges and Universities

    Virginia—a state steeped in American history, overflowing with intellectual curiosity, and offering a dynamic college landscape—beckons students seeking a rewarding higher education experience. But beyond its historical significance, Virginia colleges and universities stand out from the crowd and offer a compelling combination of academic excellence, diverse learning experiences, and a stunning backdrop for your college years.

    A Legacy of Excellence in the Mother of Presidents State

    Virginia is the cradle of American democracy and its colleges reflect that rich heritage. Explore the distinguished grounds of Thomas Jefferson’s creation: the University of Virginia. Learn the storied history of The College of William & Mary—one of the oldest colleges in the nation. The state also boasts leading research universities like Virginia Tech, respected for its engineering and science programs, and forward-thinking institutions like George Mason University, known for its focus on innovation and public policy.

    Choose Your Path—and Make Time for Adventure

    Virginia caters to many different academic interests and student personalities. Whether you’re curious about a career doing cutting-edge research or want to study liberal arts at a college like Sweet Briar or Hollins University, the state has many options. But college life isn’t just about academics. Explore Colonial Williamsburg, hike Shenandoah National Park, or soak up the sun at Virginia Beach.

    Write Your Virginia Story

    Virginia colleges and universities offer an exceptional blend of academic excellence, historical significance, breathtaking beauty, and a supportive learning environment. A degree from one of the state’s institutions of higher learning is a well-respected credential that will prepare you for success in your chosen field.

      Virginia, where history meets adventure. Explore prestigious universities like UVA and William & Mary, or choose from a variety of colleges. Hike stunning landscapes, explore Colonial Williamsburg, or relax on Virginia Beach. A Virginia degree offers academic excellence, historical significance, and a bright future.