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    Colleges with Law Majors

    Chart Your Course to Justice: Explore Colleges with Top-Ranked Law Programs

    There’s something about the allure of law: the intellectual challenge, the pursuit of fairness, and the opportunity to shape a better future. If you feel pulled to advocate for justice, check out our listing of the best colleges and universities offering a variety of law-related programs designed to equip you with the foundation and knowledge to pursue a fulfilling legal career.

    Outside the Courtroom

    Here’s a sampling of programs you’ll find, depending on whether you opt for a B.S. or B.A. degree in law, legal studies, or pre-law (among other options):

    • Pre-law programs: Establish a strong academic foundation for law school with a pre-law program emphasizing critical thinking, writing, and analytical skills. Gain a solid understanding of legal principles and the American legal system.
    • Law enforcement and criminal justice: Delve into the world of law enforcement, criminal justice systems, and corrections. Explore topics like criminology, criminal investigation, forensic science, and the legal framework surrounding law enforcement practices.
    • Legal studies: Learn about the intricacies of law without seeking a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Gain a comprehensive understanding of legal concepts, systems, and analysis in preparation for a career as a paralegal or in legal administration — or further law school exploration.

    Gain Practical Experience

    Many law-related programs offer opportunities to intern with legal professionals. You’ll gain valuable real-world experience by interning with judges, attorneys, law firms, or government agencies. You can participate in mock trials, moot court competitions, and legal simulations to develop your courtroom presence and hone your legal reasoning skills. Thinking about a career in international law? Choose a program where you can study overseas to broaden your legal perspective by learning about other countries’ legal systems.

    Become a Champion for Justice

    The legal field offers a multitude of exciting paths, depending on your degree and whether you opt to pursue graduate degrees. Here’s just a small sampling:

    • Prosecutor
    • Public defender
    • Legal researcher/writer/editor
    • Legal mediator/arbitrator
    • Paralegal
    • Police officer or detective
    • Criminal investigator
    • Forensic scientist
    • FBI or Secret Service agent
    • Compliance officer
    • Government relations specialist
    • Conflict resolution specialist
    • Business law consultant
    • Environmental compliance officer

    The field of law might attract those who crave courtroom battles, but its benefits extend far beyond a gavel’s echo. A law degree (or one of its subsets) hones critical thinking, research, writing, and communication skills—valuable assets for business, government, and non-profits. A B.S. or B.A. in legal studies can be a springboard to a career in politics or academia, too, or that first step toward law school. So whether you envision yourself arguing cases or using legal expertise to make a difference, a law degree offers a versatile, rewarding path.

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      Pursue justice with a B.S. or B.A. in law. Explore pre-law, law enforcement, or legal studies degrees. Intern with judges or law firms, and maybe even study abroad. Law offers a variety of careers – become a lawyer, paralegal, or investigator, or work in compliance.