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    Colleges & Universities in Georgia

    Southern Hospitality: Georgia’s Colleges and Universities

    Georgia, the Peach State, offers a taste of southern charm with its dynamic college experience. Beyond the state’s rolling hills and friendly smiles, Georgia boasts a wealth of colleges and universities catering to a variety of academic interests and student personalities. Here’s what sets Georgia apart and why you should consider obtaining your college degree in the South.

    A Spectrum of Excellence

    Many institutions call Georgia home:

    • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), one of the top engineering schools in the U.S., with a reputation built on its excellence in engineering, computing, and technology-related disciplines. It’s a leader in aerospace engineering with state-of-the-art facilities and close collaborations with the aerospace industry. The Scheller College of Business is also well-respected, with programs in technology management, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
    • Emory University, home to the Emory University School of Medicine and highly ranked for its degree programs in nursing, public health, and psychology. It’s also recognized as a top research university with strong programs in law, business, and the liberal arts.
    • Kennesaw State University, one of the largest public universities in Georgia, with over 40,000 students. It offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, engineering, and computer science — and has been recognized for its entrepreneurship initiatives and support for student start-ups.
    • Spelman College, a liberal arts college for women consistently ranked as one of the top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). It has a strong reputation in the humanities, social sciences, visual and performing arts, and sciences fields.
    • Morehouse College, an HBCU, all-male liberal arts college focused on developing leaders and renowned for its programs in business, biology, political science, and English. It’s recognized for its emphasis on ethics, social justice, and community engagement.

    Peach State Smarts Meet Global Opportunities

    Georgia colleges cultivate welcoming, inclusive environments with dedicated faculty mentors, diverse student organizations, and a strong sense of community. At the same time, the state’s institutions are increasingly international in focus, offering study abroad programs and fostering a globally aware student body.

    A Historic Backdrop for Modern Learning

    The state’s rich history is woven into the fabric of its colleges and universities. Explore the Civil Rights Movement at Morehouse College or Spelman College. Study Georgia’s colonial past at the University of Georgia. Immerse yourself in the cities’ vibrant cultural scenes or experience the beauty of the state’s foothills and close-knit communities.

    A B.S. or B.A. from a Georgia college or university is a respected credential preparing you for success in a competitive job market. The strong alumni network in Atlanta and across the Southeast provides valuable career connections after graduation.

      Southern charm meets academic excellence in the Peach State. Explore Georgia’s top-ranked institutions like Georgia Tech (engineering, technology), Emory (medicine, business, liberal arts), or HBCUs like Spelman (women’s liberal arts) and Morehouse (men’s liberal arts). Major in programs in business, engineering, computer science, humanities, and more. Learn about the state’s rich history while earning a respected degree that opens doors.