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    Colleges & Universities in Washington, D.C.

    Power, Policy, and Education: Colleges and Universities in Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C., the heart of American politics and international affairs, offers a college experience unlike any other. While D.C. isn’t technically a state, it nonetheless houses a vibrant collection of colleges and universities that set themselves apart from institutions elsewhere.

    Politics in Action

    Imagine learning about government from professors who have worked in the White House‚ or studying international relations steps away from the world’s embassies. Georgetown University’s known for its School of Foreign Service and government-focused programs. George Washington University offers degree programs in political science, international affairs, and public policy. American University is renowned for its School of Public Affairs and policy-oriented programs. Howard University, an HBCU, has respected programs in political science and public administration.

    Internship Haven

    With a plethora of government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and international organizations headquartered in D.C.., internship opportunities abound. Gain real-world experience working with professionals in your field of interest to gain an edge after graduation.

    A Living Museum

    Washington, D.C. is a living museum where history unfolds on every corner. Explore iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian Museums, all within walking distance from many campuses. Your education extends far beyond the classroom walls with endless opportunities to learn about American and world history firsthand.

    D.C. is a melting pot of cultures, a microcosm of the international community. Studying here exposes you to a global perspective and fosters an appreciation for diversity. You’ll build lifelong connections and friendships with citizens of the world, enriching your personal and academic experience. A B.A. or B.S. from a Washington, D.C. college is the perfect stepping stone for your future career.

      Dive into power & policy in D.C.! Learn from government insiders at Georgetown, George Washington University, American University, or Howard University. Intern with world leaders & explore iconic landmarks – all steps from campus. A D.C. degree is your launchpad to a global future.