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    Colleges with Music Majors

    Explore the World of Harmony: Colleges with Renowned Music Programs

    Do your dreams include full soundtracks? Are you constantly humming or singing? Do you dream of performing on stage, composing intricate melodies, writing the perfect lyrics, or educating the next generation of musicians? If so, a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in music might be for you.

    At TeenLife, we understand the power of music to move, inspire, and connect us. Scroll through our list of colleges and universities known for their exceptional music programs—and performing arts and humanities programs—designed to fuel your creative spirit.

    Take Note of Your Musical Potential

    Whatever your passion, college offers a place to expand, experiment, and innovate.

    • Music performance: Immerse yourself in rigorous training to refine your instrumental or vocal skills. Prepare for a career as a soloist, chamber musician, or band or orchestral performer.
    • Music education: Develop the knowledge and skills to inspire and educate future generations of musicians. Learn effective teaching methods, curriculum development, and classroom management techniques.
    • Music composition: Refine your creative voice and gain the technical expertise to compose and arrange music in a variety of styles.
    • Music theory: Delve into music’s theoretical foundations, including harmony, melody, rhythm, and form. Gain a deeper understanding of music as a language, and use this knowledge for a career in music production or as a music director.

    Residencies: The Opportunity for Deeper Creative Exploration

    Many colleges and universities offer residency programs that allow you to live and learn in a specific cultural environment. Imagine studying music composition in Vienna, interning at a music conservatory in New York City, or volunteering at a music festival in South America! Residency programs offer a unique opportunity to combine academic study with real-world experiences and cultural immersion.

      Not Finding What You're Looking For?

      Browse TeenLife's carefully curated database of colleges and universities for the program of your dreams!

      Love music? Make it your career! Colleges with renowned music programs offer paths for every passion. Hone your performance skills, educate future musicians, or compose captivating pieces. Master music theory to understand its language. Deepen your exploration with residencies—study in Vienna, intern in NYC, or volunteer at a South American festival. Find your musical path and turn the melody of your dreams into reality.