Your College Decision Headquarters

This is your place to find the college that you want. It's the place to discover new colleges and scholarships, compare your top choices and make the decisions that give you peace of mind.

We've been a part of college decisions for more than 6 million students, so we understand what you're going through. If there's anything we've learned, it's that making those decisions can be tough, but we're here to make it easier.

On Cappex, you can escape the pressure. The choices are always yours to make. We'll lay out all the options and let you decide, no pressure or judgment on our part, no matter what the decision. We won't even judge if you decide to stop cleaning your room. We've got your back, dirty socks and all.

How? With tools that help you easily compare colleges, read detailed reviews by students on campus, find available scholarships... even see your chances of getting into your favorite colleges.

Get information matched to who you are, and wherever you are in the process. Organize the colleges you like based on what matters to you. No other website lets you own your destiny in such a powerful way. With Cappex, you confidently control your college decisions from beginning to end.

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Participant Reviews

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This program hasn't been reviewed yet. Write the first review!

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