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    Who Are the Parents That Use TeenLife?

    Posted January 23, 2024, 12:00 pm by TeenLife


    At TeenLife, we take pride in not just connecting with our audience but understanding them profoundly. To enhance this understanding, we recently collaborated with Epsilon, a distinguished marketing services company specializing in delivering customer insights. The results are in, and they paint a compelling picture of our parent members—an exceptionally qualified and influential group.

    The TeenLife Advantage:

    Quality Over Quantity:

    Our audience is not just vast; it's highly qualified. Epsilon's analysis reveals an impressive index* of 412 (100 is average) for parents in the "Doing Well and Donating" lifestyle category, showcasing the remarkable quality of our engaged parent community.

    Big Spenders, Big Impact:

    Similarly, TeenLife over indexes (237 vs.100) on "Big Spender Parents". This indicates that our platform is not only a space for information but also a hub for those who actively seek and invest in valuable opportunities for their children.

    High Income:

    The household income of our audience is impressive, with those making $250,000 - $499,999 with an index of 289 and those making more than $500,000 with an index of 551.

    Discretionary Spending Power:

    46% of parents in our audience boast discretionary spending income exceeding $85,000, with 36% surpassing the $100,000 mark. This signifies a substantial capacity for investment in education.

    High Net Worth:

    A noteworthy 38% of our parent audience reports a net worth exceeding $1 million. This elevated financial standing places TeenLife in a unique position to cater to families with significant resources and aspirations.

    Educational Achievement:

    The commitment to education is evident, with an index of 309 for parents who have completed graduate school. This reflects a high volume of educated parents who recognize the value of academic and extracurricular enrichment.

    Maximizing Your Advertising Investment:

    Our unparalleled audience is a testament to the effectiveness of advertising on TeenLife. The exceptional characteristics of our parent members ensure that every advertising dollar spent with us outperforms other digital methods. When you choose TeenLife, you're not just reaching an audience; you're engaging with a community that values quality, invests significantly in their children, and holds education in high regard.


    As we navigate the dynamic landscape of youth and education, TeenLife stands as a reliable bridge between opportunities and families. Our collaboration with Epsilon has improved our ability to understand and target our audience - knowledge that can only benefit our advertisers. Join us in reaching a discerning audience that doesn't just participate—it invests, engages, and shapes the future. Choose TeenLife, where your advertising investment goes beyond visibility—it creates impact.

    *The index values above were determined by Epsilon by the following method: Data provided by TeenLife’s opt-in members that designated themselves as parents were compared to Epsilon’s top-ranked consumer database. Matches are then compared to a sample of the TotalSource Plus (TSP) database to help paint a picture about TeenLife’s parents. The index is determined as follows: Index = 100*Client % / TSP %. If the index is 100, it means a characteristic of our audience is similar to the general population. If the index is above 100, it means our audience exhibits a characteristic more strongly or frequently than the general population.

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