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    TeenLife is Now On Clever

    Posted by TeenLife
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    TeenLife is excited to join forces with Clever, a leading education technology platform. This partnership will allow us to expand the reach of our resources and provide K-12 students with access to a diverse range of programs and services that will help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their academic and personal lives.

    What is Clever?

    Clever is committed to unlocking new ways to learn for all students. Since 2012, the Clever team has been driven by the belief that technology can make learning more engaging, give teachers superpowers, and advance educational equity. Today, Clever's single sign-on and secure portal is used by 60% of US K-12 students for simplified access to a world of digital learning. With over 93,000 schools and a network of application partners relying on its platform, Clever is a trusted solution for enhancing the educational experience.

    How Does Clever Work?

    Clever's technology is similar to how you might use Google to access a variety of online tools and applications. With Google, you log in once with your Google account, and then you can use that account to access a range of websites, without needing to sign up again each time you use a different service. Clever works in a similar way, but specifically for educational tools and applications. 

    When students or teachers log in to Clever, they are authenticated and their user information is securely stored by Clever. Then, when they need to access a learning tool or application, Clever shares their user information with the application in a standardized format, so that the application can quickly and easily authenticate the user without requiring another login. This makes it easier for schools to manage their digital resources and for students and teachers to access them.

    What Does This Mean for TeenLife Advertisers?

    With TeenLife joining the Clever Application Library, our digital learning resources will be introduced to even more K-12 students and teachers across the United States through the Clever portal. Clever currently serves over 23 million students and teachers in more than 93,000 schools. 

    This means that TeenLife's platform for discovering extracurricular programs and educational service providers will be even more accessible to students and educators throughout the United States. By making our resources available through Clever's secure portal, we're making it easier for students to discover and participate in programs that can help them build skills, explore their interests, and plan for their future. 

    How Can I Make the Most Out of  TeenLife’s Integration with Clever?

    If you're a program provider or service vendor listed on TeenLife, you'll want to ensure that your listings are accurate and up to date before our integration with Clever goes live. As we partner with Clever to bring our resources to millions of K-12 students and educators, it's essential to make sure that your programs and services are represented accurately. 

    To get started, sign in to your TeenLife account and review your program or service listings. Make sure that all information is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This will ensure that students, teachers, and advisors who are new to TeenLife are seeing the most accurate information about your programs and services. This includes updating your contact information so you never miss a lead and can follow up with interested participants quickly. As always, we're committed to helping you reach your goals and connect with more students, and we're excited to partner with Clever to help you do just that.

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