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    TeenLife’s Guide Distribution: A Network Empowering Students Worldwide

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    At TeenLife, we are committed to empowering teens with the knowledge they need to navigate their educational and career paths. To fulfill this mission, we leverage a diverse network of distribution channels for our guides. Each channel plays a crucial role in extending our reach and ensuring our resources are available to teens, parents, educators, and counselors across the globe.

    Digital Partnerships:

    A standout partnership is with MaiaLearning, a prominent Career and College Readiness platform. As a trusted platform serving nearly a million students and counselors in over 46 countries, MaiaLearning hosts all of TeenLife's guides. This ensures a seamless integration of our resources into a platform that students and counselors regularly use for informed decision-making.

    Educational Consultant Network:

    TeenLife has solidified a strong relationship with the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). As business partners of these esteemed associations, we provide monthly updates and email links to each of our guides to their members upon release. Importantly, we mail printed copies of our Guide to Performing & Visual Arts Colleges and Guide to Summer Programs to this network. This collaboration allows for widespread distribution of our guides to a vast network of professional educational consultants.

    STEM & Arts Partnerships

    Our collaboration with the USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF) enables us to distribute the "Your Future in STEM Guide" to over 100,000 registered students, parents, and educators. This initiative promotes STEM learning and opportunities among the youth.

    Additionally, in partnership with the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program, we distribute the "Your Future in Arts" digital guide to their over 300,000 applicants. This initiative ensures that creative teens nationwide have access to resources that highlight opportunities in the arts.

    School Counselor Network:

    Through our School Counselor Network, we distribute our guides via email to nearly 20,000 high school counselors. In addition, we provide printed copies of specific guides, ensuring students have access to these resources in their schools.

    Conferences and Events:

    TeenLife actively participates in several conferences such as HECA, IECA, NACAC, and CUWFA. At these events, we hand out printed copies of our guides, reaching thousands of educators and counselors who work closely with students.

    Health Science Education:

    In collaboration with the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE), we extend our reach to high school educators across the United States. The NCHSE promotes TeenLife's guides to its board of directors, ensuring that our resources are shared with health science educators.

    Global Accessibility:

    TeenLife's guides are now more accessible than ever, thanks to our partnerships with PressReader, Amazon, and Yumpu. With PressReader's global reach through libraries, airlines, and cruise lines, Amazon's vast online marketplace, and Yumpu's innovative digital platform, our guides are connecting with teens and families across the world. These collaborations enhance the visibility and reach of our resources, ensuring that more people can benefit from our comprehensive guides.


    Through our wide-ranging distribution channels, TeenLife ensures that every teen, regardless of location or interests, has the opportunity to access the resources they need to shape their future.

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