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    Powering Student Success: TeenLife’s Involvement with Educators, Counselors, and Consultants

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    At TeenLife, we believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Often, we hear stories of students who found their perfect summer program or gap year opportunity through a recommendation from their school counselor. This is no accident - TeenLife actively works with a vast network of high school counselors, educational consultants, and notable organizations like CounselMore, MaiaLearning, GuidedPath, and Clever. Our mission is to empower students through education, and we achieve this by maintaining a strong and consistent presence within the educational community, distributing our informative guides, and participating in various educator conferences.

    Engagement with School Counselors and Educational Consultants

    Our interaction with school counselors and educational consultants is a cornerstone of our work. Every month, our Counselor & Consultant newsletters reach nearly 10,000 educators. These newsletters serve as a conduit for our guides and updates on our virtual fairs. Moreover, our involvement with conferences such as the HECA, IECA, and NACAC allows us to continuously engage with educational consultants, sharing our mission and the opportunities we provide for students.

    Our partnership with the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) has been particularly beneficial. IECA, a leading association of educational consultants, offers expert advice on secondary school, therapeutic programs, college admission, and graduate school. Through our collaboration, we have been able to enhance the visibility of our professional members while broadening our reach through IECA's active promotion of our news, guides, and events.

    The Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) is another significant association we proudly partner with. As a Business Partner of HECA, we interact closely with its members, providing free printed copies of the Guide to Summer Programs and participating in the annual HECA Conference.


    Empowering Education Together Our collaborations extend beyond conferences and newsletters. We've established partnerships with various organizations, all aiming to enhance the educational journey for students.

    • CounselMore: This technology platform empowers college counselors and streamlines processes related to transcripts, college applications, and more. Our partnership allows TeenLife's summer, gap, and school listings to be integrated into CounselMore's secure platform.
    • MaiaLearning: A prominent Career and College Readiness platform, MaiaLearning hosts all of TeenLife's guides, integrating our resources into their comprehensive suite of tools for counselors and students.
    • GuidedPath: This efficient online tool, a member of the MaiaLearning family, streamlines the college planning process. Our partnership with GuidedPath integrates our resources into their platform, enhancing their suite of tools for effective college planning.
    • Clever: As a pioneering education technology platform, Clever provides access to digital learning for 60% of US K-12 students. Our partnership with Clever increases the visibility and accessibility of TeenLife's resources, reaching a wider audience of K-12 students and educators.

    At TeenLife, we are deeply committed to creating bridges between students and program providers. Our partnerships with educators, counselors, consultants, and industry-leading platforms ensure that your programs receive the visibility they deserve, reaching a wide and engaged audience. This network of connections amplifies the impact of your offerings, allowing more students to discover and benefit from the unique opportunities you provide. As we continue to strengthen these partnerships and expand our reach, we look forward to helping you connect with more students, enhance their learning experiences, and ultimately, shape their future. Your success is our success - and together, we are making a difference in the lives of students nationwide.

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