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    Counselor Spotlight: Joe Latimer

    Posted by TeenLife

    Joe Latimer is the Director of College Counseling at Northfield Mount Hermon.

    What Types of Students Do You Serve?

    Currently, we have 645 students (including 95 day students) from all over the country and all over the world. Our senior class is composed of 226 students (including 36 postgraduates). International students make up 26 percent of the student body. Ninety-eight percent of the Class of 2022 was accepted at four-year colleges and universities. Graduates of NMH enroll at more than 100 institutions each year. Students join us from a variety of backgrounds, and are grounded in our belief that we aim to serve others and our environment through humanity and purpose.

    What Types of Experiences Do You Think They Need to Succeed in College and Life Beyond School?

    Students need to understand the important role that self-advocacy plays in their daily lives. This includes seeking help and support when they need it, a sign of strength and not of weakness. We impart to our students that life is not a direct path to where they see themselves in the future, rather a journey that includes doors opening and doors closing. It's not about which doors are closed, but rather what they take advantage of when they've been invited to join a community. We also believe that summer break is an important time for our students to participate in activities that lead to their growth, development, and a better understanding of themselves.

    How Do You Use TeenLife's Resources? Describe How You Share Them With Parents and Students.

    We promote TeenLife’s Resume Writing Guide with our students. We also distribute hard copies of the Summer Programs Guide, and we've created A Guide to a Productive Summer that points students to the TeenLife website. Finally, on most Sundays during the academic year we send out a College Counseling Newsletter. Most of these newsletters have TeenLife-promoted programs, including pre-college programs, virtual summer programs and gap fairs, and the numerous guides that are downloadable through the TeenLife website.

    What Advice Do You Have for Program Marketers?

    Teenagers don't have a lot of bandwidth to read dense descriptions of programs. They tend to skim our Newsletter. I would make your blurbs which introduce your programs concise, using bold font to highlight that which you want them to know. A link to point them to where to go for more information is key.

    Visit Northfield Mount Hermon’s website here.

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