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    Consultant Spotlight: Joan Casey

    Posted by TeenLife

    Joan Casey is the founder and president of Educational Advocates College Consulting.

    What Types of Students Do You Serve?

    The team at Educational Advocates College Consulting works with students (and families) from across the United States. We advise a range of students from those looking at the most selective colleges to those who are seeking an excellent education at a reasonable cost. About 40% of our clients are neurodiverse (ADHD, LD, ASD) or have anxiety or some other health issue. We also guide prospective student-athletes. We care deeply about our clients and have had the good fortune to work with many wonderful families in our 18 years in practice.

    What Types of Experiences Do You Think They Need to Succeed in College and Life Beyond School?

    The types of experiences that prepare students for college and life are as varied as the students themselves. Strong study habits and organization, planning, and time management skills are important to work on during high school. Students who are curious and explore the extracurricular offerings in their schools and communities will build skills such as communication, and collaboration while learning responsibility. Colleges want to admit students who will be active members of the campus community so they look to see if students are engaged during high school. Students should pursue their genuine interests and not do activities that they are not excited about because they believe it will impress colleges (it probably will not if the student is not engaged). Finally, students should work hard but also find time for balance, family time, and joy.

    How Do You Use TeenLife's Resources? Describe How You Share Them With Parents and Students.

    TeenLife is an excellent source for events, summer opportunities, and programs and we share this information with our clients as they explore their interests. Having access to a database with such a range of interest areas is invaluable to students and families, as well as consultants.

    What Advice Do You Have for Program Marketers?

    Anxiety among teens is on the rise and it has been since before the pandemic. Programs of shorter duration and those closer to home are important during this time of continued unease.

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