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    Consultant Spotlight: Eric Endlich

    Posted by TeenLife


    Eric Endlich is an Educational Consultant and founder of  Top College Consultants.

    What Types of Students Do You Serve?

    Top College Consultants serves students with learning differences (e.g., autism, ADHD, dyslexia) and emotional challenges (e.g., anxiety and depression). We help students successfully apply and transition to college.

    What Types of Experiences Do You Think They Need to Succeed in College and Life Beyond School?

    Students need to build college readiness skills such as self-awareness, self-advocacy and time management. They can do so with the help of gap year programs, summer college readiness programs, executive functioning coaches and other resources.

    How Do You Use TeenLife's Resources? Describe How You Share Them With Parents and Students.

    We direct parents to relevant TeenLife resources such as the summer program guide.

    What Advice Do You Have for Program Marketers?

    Provide valuable content and resources to your target audience through multiple channels such as podcasts, webinars, blog posts and social media. Network with like-minded professionals.


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