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University of Kentucky College of Engineering: Isabella Ritz

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University of Kentucky College of Engineering: Isabella Ritz

Isabella Ritz studies biomedical engineering at the University of Kentucky.

What made you pick biomedical engineering?

As I was exploring different career paths I could take with my materials engineering major, I realized biomaterials was an up and coming field so I thought by having a biomedical engineering minor I could create a unique profile for myself. Because biomedical engineering is so broad, almost any engineering discipline works with biomedical engineering.

What do you like best about the University of Kentucky?

You can pick the classes that tailor to your interests. And you can get six of your 18 hours by doing research, which is what I did. I joined biomedical engineering professor David Puleo’s biomaterials lab and it was a great fit. I was the only undergraduate working in it, which was great because I got to be mentored by postdoctoral students and graduate students.

How has STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) shaped your future?

Adding the biomedical engineering major has definitely given me an edge.