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Posted Sept. 15, 2020, 10:06 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
online fall learning program

The nation got a taste of online learning when schools and universities closed for the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Now, it seems like it is here to stay with students and parents are learning how to adapt. These fall online learning programs offer students a unique opportunity to participate in a virtual program that would otherwise need to be taken in person. These programs can range from two weeks to 10 months and cover a wide range of topics. Check back as we continue to add more! Boston Leadership Institute: Virtual STEM Courses Categories: Academic, STEM Session Date: ...

Posted July 7, 2020, 7:35 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments

A gap year is defined as a year or semester of experiential learning, typically taken after high school and prior to career or post-secondary education, in order to deepen one's practical, professional, and personal awareness. Taking a gap year does not have to mean traveling far away from home. In order to adapt to these unprecedented times, many programs are being offered online. We have put together a list of online gap programs to help you learn more! These gap programs offer the chance to spend an academic year or semester exploring a career such as medicine, communications, health care, ...

Posted June 16, 2020, 12:19 p.m. by Jane Sarouhan | View Comments
Gap Year Ideas

You do not need to leave the country - or your home - to have a meaningful gap year. Long before Coronavirus, we have been defining the gap year as a period of time when an individual takes a deliberate pause from school or work to pursue interests, skills and personal growth. Note that this definition says nothing of the location, activity or cost. As college campuses and travel experiences will all be significantly modified this fall, a gap year close to home – with the right blend of intention, structure, mentorship and peers - may very well be the ...

Posted May 27, 2020, 8:56 a.m. by Jason Sarouhan | View Comments
Should You Take a Gap Year or Go to College in Fall 2020?

College-bound students around the country are out of time and lack critical information to make a decision about their path forward this fall. Final admissions deadlines for most colleges loom on June 1st, with precious few clearly articulating the learning environment students can anticipate. The gap year option has been mopped around the media as both a poison and antidote, yet few helpful truths have been articulated to help students with their decision. Let's get a few things straight about the gap year. Are Gap Years a Thing in the United States? Despite what you might have read, gap year ...

Posted April 28, 2020, 8:21 a.m. by Joyce Slayton Mitchell | View Comments
Empty lecture seats

Trying to imagine applying to college is hard to do. Being at home instead of at school with your friends, teachers, friends, school counselor, and friends is not where you want to be. Not knowing when or if your senior year will begin in September is almost impossible to imagine. Let’s agree that it is what it is. Stay Connected While Applying to College From Home Most important is to get and stay in touch with your teachers and school counselor throughout the college application process. If you haven’t heard from your guidance (college) counselor, email him or her today. ...

Posted March 12, 2020, 12:34 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
gap year

TeenLife’s Top 15 Most Popular Gap Programs Looking for the most popular programs for your gap semester or year? Look no further. This article covers TeenLife’s top 15 most popular gap programs for high school graduates and college students, organized by category. They take place in the US as well as other countries around the world. What Do We Mean by Popular? We reviewed all gap programs listed on TeenLife and selected the 15 programs with the most page views on our website. We then broke those programs into categories and arranged them alphabetically to create the list you find ...

Posted March 5, 2020, 12:20 p.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Cover of 2020 Gap Guide

It’s difficult to imagine a life outside of high school, for some students. Not everyone is ready to ship off to college post-graduation, and thinking about sitting in a classroom immediately after doing so for four years may seem grueling. Luckily, there are plenty of other options before embarking on the college grind! TeenLife can help. The 2020 Guide to Gap Year Programs is a comprehensive guide for finding and applying to gap year programs, whether it’s spending a year interning in Washington, D.C., or two weeks polishing your Spanish in Spain. You could rock climb in the American West ...

Posted Feb. 4, 2020, 11:42 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
gap year month

There is incredible diversity in gap year options, price ranges, and experiences available. Gap year graduates perform better on college GPAs. Gap year graduates complete their Bachelors Degrees at a median of 3.75 years (versus the national average of 6+). Gap year graduates are more satisfied with their careers. 90% of gap year graduates are back in college within a year of completing their gap year. More students every year are choosing to take a gap year after high school, and this February the gap year movement is launching its second annual month-long campaign to encourage students to explore the ...

Posted Dec. 6, 2019, 11:26 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments

Luna Rosal National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) High School Grad Year May 2019 Why did you choose to participate in a summer program? I was excited to get out of the normal day to day of summer. My mom is also deeply in love with the outdoors, and I was not... Two weeks with NOLS definitely changed that! After the program, I was able to relate to her connection with nature with a newfound connection to the world around me. How did you decide which program was right for you? I had heard many good things about NOLS through friends ...

Posted Aug. 18, 2019, 7:50 a.m. by TeenLife | View Comments
Languages Leanne Tyme

Leanne Tyme studied Spanish and French with CESA Languages Abroad. Why did you choose to participate in a gap year program? I wanted to have a gap year in which I could both learn and enjoy myself at the same time. As I will be studying French at university, I wanted a course that would allow me to improve my language skills and give me some time to do some exploring outside of classes. How did you decide which gap year programne was right for you? First I had to decide what I wanted to get out of my gap ...

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