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Amusing Google Searches for Parents and Teens

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Amusing Google Searches for Parents and Teens

Are you ever amused, if not horrified, by what auto fills your search bar when you type something into Google? I recently read a blog post that featured Google drop-down search results. The post was a perfect, comedic representation of what people search for on Google, and also how people perceive certain subjects.

I was curious about what people searched for relating to teens, parent, and educators.

Here are some search results I found.

Teens are...

Parents are...


School is...


The summer

While these search results are, of course, arbitrary and location dependent, it’s entertaining and interesting to see what Google recommended for my searches. Some search suggestions are rational and true: “Parents are the best teachers;” “Teachers are heroes;” “Travel is free.” I’m a little bit skeptical, though, that travel is “Fatal to prejudice bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”

This is a fun exercise to try with many different concepts and subjects. You could even find some thought provoking quotes. Of course, don’t trust everything you read on the Internet—parents are “Annoying” in many cases, but I wouldn’t categorize them as “Gross.”

Have fun seeing what the Internet thinks about your searches!