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6 Unique Careers in STEM

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6 Unique Careers in STEM

A career in STEM doesn’t have to be a stereotypical job in engineering or research. It can be innovative, creative, and unique. Take a look at six of the most cutting-edge and coolest careers in STEM.

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6 Unique Careers in STEM

1. Music Data Journalist

A music data journalist helps educate music industry professionals on the value of data and technology. They play a large role in forming and analyzing music charts. A music data journalist works daily with graphic design, studies current events in the music industry, and searches for industry data trends.

2. EA Environmental Scanner

The EA golf (and most other sports) video games are created with the help of an environmental scanner. This person’s job includes flying around the world to scan famous golf courses and other sports arenas, so they appear as realistic as possible on the video game. The scanned data is then transferred to a modeling application to create visual effects within the game.

3. Sports Statistician

A sports statistician works to provide research and data to sports announcers, coaches, and other sports professionals. They work to optimize plays by studying the numbers and stats of athletes and teams. On a daily basis, a statistician must use economics and engineering to gain insight on trades, free agency, draft analysis, and coaching issues.

4. Ethical/White Hat Hacking

While “hackers” usually have a negative connotation attached to their job, ethical or white hat hackers are hired to break into systems as an angry employee or illegal hacker would do. Ethical hackers help companies develop custom software to prevent real hackers from accessing important information.

5. Legoland Designer

A legoland designer uses engineering, architecture, and electrical design to make Lego models. As with most architectural structures, Lego displays are first created
on the computer with programs such as Photoshop, before they come into fruition.

6. 3D Animation: Character Artist

Character artists build animated people, and anything else that can move and talk. They turn drawings into animated movies and video games, bringing a 2D sketch to life. Animators use STEM techniques such as graphic design and computer modeling on a daily basis.

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