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11 Ideas to Feel Better Physical and Mentally

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11 Ideas to Feel Better Physical and Mentally

11 Ideas to Feel Better Physical and Mentally

Are you bored to tears with SIP and miss breaking a sweat? Do you miss your athletics and feeling fit? Did you miss Prom or other school dances?

In addition, to walking and biking, check out these eleven ways to stay fit indoors AND outdoors with the power of your favorite music pumping in your veins, and lighting up good endorphins in your brain! Here is a link to how music can lift your spirit and mood.

Most ideas below are from your fellow teens:

  1. Find a FITNESS APP you like, such as Nike Training Club, PilatesAnytime, Peleton Fitness, Orange Theory...then ask a friend to join you to set shared goals and hold each other accountable
  2. Play soccer with the family dog
  3. Just Dance! (PlayStation5 and it’s upgraded version coming soon!) or literally just dance in your bedroom with your music pumping
  4. Order a trampoline for one, plus a set of juggling balls, and then put it all together (Talk about brain and body merging!)
  5. Jump rope, take a swim in your pool, bring your yoga mat outside ... or alternate between all three for your own “triathalon”
  6. Any free fitness workout on YouTube or via a local studio, such as cardio, yoga, weights, mediation, Tai Chi, choreography, dance....so many ideas
  7. Make or learn a TikTok dance video (it’s not beneath you;)
  8. Go for a socially distanced hike with a friend to feel the joy of exercise and friendship all at once
  9. Play the board game TWISTER
  10. Host a Zoom Dance Party with friends and either take turns being DJ, or pull up one of the many DJ offerings out there right now
  11. Wait for it.......CHORES for the win!