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    Why You Should Consider the United Kingdom for College

    Posted August 21, 2023, 7:06 pm by Gary Coulter
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    Most American students don’t even consider the UK when pondering their Higher Education options, and that is largely due to a significant lack of available information about the incredible opportunities it offers. 

    Having spent the last 12 years of my life working at an Ivy League equivalent university in the UK, promoting the UK to US students, parents and counsellors, and delivering lectures on the UK Higher Education system across 26 states, I have now started my own website in an effort to provide detailed information to all American students.

    Here are a few reasons why should seriously look into the UK as a potential study destination:

    World Class Education 

    The UK is home to world leading universities, with internationally recognised degree programs and there is strong evidence to support the fact that the UK’s research led style of teaching is more effective than a testing based style.

    It’s Cheap!

    The UK offers much cheaper tuition, 3 year degree programs (4 in Scotland) and students will graduate on time, as we don’t allow students to delay credits. On average most US families save around $100,000 coming to the UK.

    Transparent Admissions Criteria 

    No early action, no early decision, very few decisions based upon random essays (just a few universities e.g. Oxbridge), no quotas. We only look at your academic testing and if it meets our requirements, the acceptance rate is 100% for almost all programs (assuming you apply on time etc).

    Student Housing 

    You get your own room on a floor with other students so you still get the social element. All bills and taxes are included and international students get first choice over UK students!

    Great Academic Experience

    We don’t use TA’s in the UK, have smaller class sizes, have better access to professors and other academics, and you have the opportunity to gain international work experience.

    High Degree Completion Rates 

    On average these are around 90% and with focused degree programmes and students unable to transfer credits, it is very rare for a student not to graduate within the allotted time, saving you any additional tuition.

    Experience an Adventure of a Lifetime 

    Admission to UK Universities is all based on academics resulting in less natural division among students. With international students often making up 20-30% of a university’s cohort it is easy to make friends from all over the world. Students in the UK also get long vacations and many international students use this opportunity to explore the history and heritage of the UK and Europe. Major cities like Rome, Paris and Barcelona are all just a few hours flight away and flights can often be purchased for less than $100.

    Studying in the UK Can Be the Right Path For You

    Finally let me say this, most US students will go to US universities and most UK students will go to UK universities. That is of course fine and I don’t imagine that will ever change. For those of you that go to US universities, I wish you all the very best. You will have a wonderful time.

    But for those of you willing to explore a little bit more, there are amazing opportunities available for you in the UK. You’ll graduate faster, save significant money and make international friendships and connections that will last a lifetime. You get to travel and explore the beautiful UK and Europe before you settle down and begin your career. 

    Take it from me, a 41 year old Dad, trying to raise a 3 year old, these opportunities don’t come around often in life. So for those of you willing to be a little bit brave, please explore your UK options, it offers you the experience of a lifetime in your own language!

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    Gary Coulter headshot

    Gary Coulter

    I have worked in international student recruitment for 13 years and have spent the last 11 years supporting North American students interested in studying in the UK. Prompted by this lack of easily accessible information for North American counselors and families, I founded UK College Admissions, hoping to provide a comprehensive overview of UK Higher Education and applications in an easy to follow format.