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    What is Work-Study? A Student’s Guide

    Posted by The Experts at TeenLife

    In addition to the blogs our TeenLife staff and clients write, we're starting a new initiative to bring you additional information via our curated posts. We'll find, summarize, and link relevant articles about topics we think our audience will appreciate. Enjoy the first post in our series about the value of work-study programs!

    What Is Work-Study?

    The work-study program is a form of federal financial aid that provides part-time jobs to students with financial need. Through this program, students use the money they earn to pay for educational expenses. To qualify, students must complete FAFSA and demonstrate financial need. Within a few weeks, FAFSA will specify the amount students can receive from the program. You can learn more about FAFSA here.

    Once FAFSA determines eligibility, the student is responsible for finding a job that qualifies for work-study. Many schools have resources and job listing systems that present the available work-study options to students. Students must earn at least federal minimum wage, although rates will vary depending on the job type and exact location. Aside from financial support, these jobs provide valuable experience for students and enhance their resumes. 

    A work-study program is a great option for college students, They earn money to help offset college costs and gain work experience. For more information, check out this article from NerdWallet.

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