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    Wayne State University Student Testimonial

    Posted April 13, 2020, 3:43 pm by TeenLife
    Jasmine Brown

    Jasmine Brown

    How did you discover your passion for design? I’ve had a passion for design before I even attended pre-school; I had two artistic influences in my life—my parents. My mother saw the beauty in everything, and my father was a musician and florist. Both their lifestyles had a creative influence of how I developed my love for design.

    What’s your favorite part about creating? While growing as a visionary, I’ve created a passion for capturing the essence of the design experience users want to remember and can relate to. This past year I’ve been able to do that as evidenced by competing and winning several design competitions by capturing the identity and developing a space students and staff can use efficiently.

    What’s the hardest part for you about creating? Nothing!! I love creating new and different experiences for clients. I do my best to empathize with their desires and needs to create the ideal proposal for the project.

    Why did you pick this particular college? After spending my freshmen year Alabama, I realized that I missed home and wanted to return to Michigan. I applied to many schools in Michigan, but realized I wanted to be in Detroit and a part of the resurgence of the city. WSU is also in the middle of the cultural center and as a student I have access to many opportunities just by proximity.

    What has been your favorite part of college? I can’t find one definitive moment but my entire college experience has been instrumental in my development. Wayne State has provided countless opportunities for me to grow not only as a designer, but also as an individual. I’ve gained leadership skills, time management strategies and been able find my voice to advocate for myself and others when necessary.

    How do you think this program will help in what you want to do next? The interior design program has started to blend industrial and interior studio courses. I felt it pushed me as a designer and made the studio course more competitive--which I secretly loved. My favorite class was the Exhibit Studio course, where we had sponsored projects in which a student could attain an internship/job opportunity from the sponsored company. The program helped me hone my drive as an individual; when I want something I put all my creative energy into it. In the long run this energetic passion for success will help with whatever endeavor I decide to take on next.

    Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years? I envision myself as a creative director still growing, learning and expanding my knowledge and expectations within the advertising and/or experiential design industries.

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