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    Student Testimonial: University of Maryland

    Posted October 27, 2022, 2:00 pm by TeenLife

    Aditya Rangarajan – University of Maryland: Terp Young Scholars

    Why Did You Choose to Participate In This Program?

    I chose to participate in the Terp Young Scholars program at the University of Maryland because it was an extremely cost-effective way to gain college credits and experience campus life in preparation for college!

    How Did You Decide Which Program Was Right For You?

    I was a rising freshman going to the University of Maryland, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know the campus beforehand!

    What Was A Typical Day In Your Program?

    There was no typical day. We did have classes (I took Web Programming) at a scheduled time every morning and activities after that till the end of the evening. There was so much variation from day to day, so you could never get bored! Twice during the program, we had pool nights where we could just have fun together. We played Marco Polo, some people swam, and it truly seemed like something off a Disney TV show! We also had scavenger hunts with rewards at the end, admissions workshops for students to be more prepared to apply to UMD, and more! Even though it was all amazing, I do not think anything could've topped the pool night!.

    What Was the Most Memorable Moment of Your Program?

    My most memorable experience would be the day before our final. We were studying really hard, and we were nervous, so our professor took us to the rooftop of the Iribe Center. We had the opportunity just to take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful view of College Park! It felt amazing to relax and see an aerial view of the place we spent the last three weeks in!

    What Advice Do You Have For Teens Looking For Summer Programs?

    Choose a program at a school that offers a course that interests you and can apply to your major. Terp Young Scholars is a great way to experience campus life at UMD, and you can also be certain your credits will transfer!

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