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    Three Reasons to Embrace Being a Nerd

    Posted December 9, 2015, 2:00 pm by Nicolaus Jannasch
    Three Reasons to Embrace Being a Nerd

    Some kids think that being labeled a nerd is the worst thing it the world.

    They assume it goes with being awkward and unable to talk comfortably with others. They think that nerds have no friends.

    The truth is, being a nerd isn’t bad.

    You can be proud of your interests, and just because you’re not on the football team doesn’t mean you aren’t “cool” in your own way. Whether you’re proud of being a little nerdy or not, here are three reasons you should be!

    1. You’re probably learning some high-paying skills

    Unless the school football star is getting a college scholarship based on his talents, he’s unlikely to see much benefit from his time on the turf after graduation. And if he’s not one of the few players to go pro, he’s very unlikely to realize any benefits after that!

    If you’re more interested in writing code, building robots, or exploring other tech subjects, you’re in a much better position after graduation. Programmers with experience dating back to their high school days are often the first pick for startups in Silicon Valley, and at established companies you can expect $60,000 or more per year, not including other benefits.

    While your interests may be just a hobby, in the future they could be exceptionally valuable to you.

    2. It’s easy to find people with similar interests

    If you go to a large school, finding soulmates shouldn’t be too tough.

    I went to a small school with just 250 kids. If you’re in a similar situation then finding your crew may be a little more challenging. Luckily, if you check online, there probably are other kids interested in the same things as you in your area.

    Check out Meetup.com or even the local library or community college to find communities who connect regularly to share their passions for… almost anything! Even if your interests are a little “out there” you’ve got a strong chance of finding people you can connect with.

    3. You can build the future

    Which companies are radically changing the world today? It’s companies like Oculus that are bringing virtual reality into the mainstream. It’s people at Boston Dynamics who design robots that walk, run, and climb! Companies like this are changing the world and will have a drastic impact on technology in the next 20 years.

    If you want to be a part of these teams, you’ve got to have a lot of technical knowledge that some might consider “nerdy.” Have you picked up any of these skills while exploring your nerdy side? If so, keep growing and expanding on them! They could literally allow you to create the future.

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    Nicolaus Jannasch

    Nicolaus Jannasch

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