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    The Endless Opportunities of a Career in STEM

    The Endless Opportunities of a Career in STEM

    Posted October 5, 2021, 2:08 pm by TeenLife
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    SciFest All Access: Exposing Young Minds to the Endless Opportunities of a Career in STEM

    Here at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, we are excited to kick off our second annual SciFest All Access virtual expo for K-12 students.  Last year over 60,000 students from all over the world signed up for this free interactive STEM experience. Here is what just a few of them are saying:

    Student Attendee: “I’ve learned so much about STEM because of SciFest! It greatly broadened my knowledge about career options and showed many new and incredibly useful applications of STEM. It also introduced great resources that I can use in the future! I’ve learned a lot!”

    Educator Attendee: “Science Festival 2020 was amazing. It provided students from year one through college to explore a wide variety of topics. It created a sense of wonder and curiosity that really engaged all students. Even those students who were quite advanced found their curiosity ramped up. They can’t stop talking about it.” 

    Homeschool Educator: “One thing I noticed this year was the attempt to add diversity into all aspects of this festival. Kudos!!! We were able to see many that looked like us in both the images and the STEM Stage. I was super impressed… [I] was able to gather lots of information to incorporate into our world of science this school year...Having access all month long was also a plus as it gave people an option for when to engage based on their schedule.”

    Why SciFest?

    According to a study done by the Brookings Institute, job openings in STEM fields are becoming increasingly harder to fill as the demand for workers in these fields is greater than the number of people applying for these jobs. Because of the high demand for filling these positions, workers in the STEM fields are among the highest paid. A 2014 report by the Government Accountability Office on the relationship between STEM education and the workforce showed that graduates of STEM majors are increasing, but not at the rate at which STEM job openings are increasing.

    What Does This Mean?

    This means that there are more openings in some of the highest paid fields than there are people to fill them. This equates to incredible and untapped opportunity for students picking a college path that leads to a successful career. A primary challenge is making students aware of the vast career opportunities in STEM fields.

    This is why SciFest All Access was produced in 2020 and is returning October 18th-24th 2021. SciFest All Access is a FREE, virtual STEM expo for K-12 students, educators, and families with eight STEM themed zones. Within each zone is a variety of booths from organizations that feature fun and interactive STEM activities from all ages.

    2021 SciFest STEM Zones:

    SciFest Zones

    New This Year

    In the Educator Resource Hub, teachers can access digital resources from SciFest partners designed to enhance the teaching experience and empower educators with the latest trends and strategies in STEM education.

    In the Student Project Gallery, attendees can view innovative science projects from their peers.

    The STEM Stage will feature exclusive performances and demonstrations by STEM experts and special guests such as YouTube Sensations Collins and Devan Key, engineer and TV host Tamara Robertson, world champion magician Jason Latimer, and many more.

    Students can participate in the scavenger hunt along with earning points for everything they engage with in the event. Earning points increases their chances to win amazing STEM prizes, donated by STEMfinity, such as a 3D printer! 

    SciFest All Access can be utilized by educators as a classroom activity or by parents looking for enrichment activities at home.Because students earn points as they go through the platform, educators and parents can see how students are engaging within the event - making it a great in class activity, homework assignment, or homeschool activity.

    SciFest aims to inspire and educate kids on the endless possibilities that come with a career in STEM

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