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    Texas Tech University, Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts: Jordan Langehennig

    Posted May 22, 2019, 4:07 pm by TeenLife
    Music Jordan Langehennig

    Jordan Langehennig is studying Music and English at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

    How did you discover your passion for music?

    I am a professional multi-instrumentalist, and my primary instrument is the great highland bagpipes. Here at Texas Tech, I play oboe, harp, accordion, Irish whistles, shawm, clarinet, banjo, and a variety of world bagpipes from Scotland to Bulgaria. My fervor for the folksy started early in my life. I was born into a musical family and became infatuated by the great highland bagpipe as a toddler after seeing it on TV. While I did not grow up around Celtic music or the other traditional musics of the world, I actively searched for ways to read, listen, and learn about them.

    What’s your favorite part about performing?

    My favorite part about what I do is introducing my audiences to something they’ve never experienced before. Very rarely will the average American audience have any familiarity with something such as Sephardic folk music, or exposure to instruments like the theremin or didgeridoo. It is a great joy to introduce people to something wonderful, and most of the time you can see it on their faces (often joy, although sometimes a bit of confusion!). It’s an experience of sharing, learning, and communicating for me and my audiences.

    What’s the hardest part for you about performing?

    The most difficult challenge I faced was playing foreign musics without other musicians. I am fortunate to have had communication and instruction (directly and indirectly through recordings/videos/albums) from many great musicians from across the world.

    Why did you pick this particular college?

    Texas Tech appealed to me because of the incredible Vernacular Music Center. The VMC is an organization of ensembles and opportunities for musicians of all backgrounds to experience and perform vernacular (folk) musics and dances from across the world. It is a true gem of Texas Tech, and is one of very few programs like it in the nation. Texas Tech is extraordinarily fortunate to have the VMC. I encourage everyone to attend any of the events for a truly unique performance experience!

    What has been your favorite part of this college?

    I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow here at Texas Tech. In addition to the classical training, I am especially thankful to have the VMC programs which have allowed me to thrive in the root elements of my musical passions. The ensemble experiences will serve as encouraging examples of fine musicianship as I continue my musical career later in life.

    Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

    Within the next ten years, I see myself still performing music with people of all different backgrounds and cultures. The communicative qualities of music allow anyone to speak with their neighbors in a beautiful and universal language, and Texas Tech has gifted me the opportunity to do just that.

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