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    Take my SAT Advice: Don’t Forget Your Calculator

    Posted March 23, 2016, 1:00 pm by Quiana Querisma
    Take my SAT Advice: Don't Forget Your Calculator

    A SAT score could be the deciding factor between you getting into the university or college of your dreams or being stuck at a dead-end job that pays you minimum wage. The infamous test can be seen as overwhelming especially since it's confusing to decide when and how to prepare for it.

    Today there are many more resources available to teens than ever before, which makes it crucial to utilize them and get best score possible.

    The new version of the test has only two sections, math and evidence-based reading and writing, and an optional persuasive essay. They’ve changed the vocabulary to words you’ll likely encounter in life, fewer answer choices (four instead of five) and no penalty for wrong answers. When it comes to scoring, it is now out of 1600 instead of 2400.

    Now, we’re left with the decision on how to prepare for the SAT.

    One no-brainer would be taking the PSAT. I took the PSAT earlier this school year and It wasn’t the experience I expected. I was particularly worried about finishing each section, especially the math sections. Almost immediately I realized that I had forgotten to bring my calculator! Because of that, I was left with my only option - using scratch paper to solve by hand. It was somewhat difficult and a bit time consuming. No calculator and feeling like I hadn’t done enough studying made me feel unprepared.

    Making sure you have the right supplies (No.2 pencils, eraser, calculator) is important, but besides that there lots of options to choose from to help you to conquer the test.

    If you’re someone who prefers using a computer or phone, there are websites like www.eprep.com that offer budget friendly prep courses. www.KahnAcademy.com and www.CollegeBoard.com are other websites that offer free practice tests and sample questions. College Board even offers an app that will give you a practice question a day!

    If you’re someone who is more hands-on and prefers book work, there are plenty of practice textbooks that are available at almost every bookstore. There are also college prep academies that provide personal tutors to help you prepare for the SAT. I personally like practicing with the textbooks, because the tests and tips are nicely organized and easy to find.

    When preparing for the SAT, it’s important to not get discouraged if you think you aren’t doing as well as you anticipated; there is a reason that there are multiple dates to take the test throughout your junior and senior years in high school.

    Look up testing dates so you can determine the best time you should take it.

    It’s important to know that you will benefit from test prep, the SAT is something important and critical for college acceptance, you’ll feel great when the test day comes and you know you’re prepared for it.

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    Quiana Querisma

    Quiana Querisma

    Quiana Querisma is from Dallas, Texas, and is a student at the University of North Texas studying interior design. Her interests include reading, painting, and dancing.