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    Student Testimonial: World Scholars Academy

    Posted December 27, 2023, 8:00 am by TeenLife

    Julia Newman - World Scholars Academy

    Why did you choose to attend World Scholars Academy?

    Understanding the advantage students have that select a career early on, I decided to enroll in a summer program. I have had a profound interest in medicine since an early age, but had so many unanswered questions. So I decided to learn more about the subject and assess whether a medical career would be a suitable fit for me, and I thought a summer program would be the perfect opportunity to find the answers I was looking for without worrying about the outcome.

    How did you decide which summer program was right for you?

    After extensive research on various summer medical programs, World Scholars Academy was above the others. This program stood out to me as it aligned perfectly with my main inquiries/goals in the field of medicine, and the class size was small so I could get to know everyone on the program and feel comfortable interacting with the students and professor. The presence of highly regarded instructors, along with numerous positive reviews, further influenced my decision to choose this program.

    What was a typical day at World Scholars Academy?

    In the World Scholars Academy medical program, a typical day would start off with reviewing the homework, whilst addressing any inquiries. Lessons flowed naturally from there, and we would often engage in debates, for instance on intricate, ethical questions in medicine. In debates we were encouraged to apply what we had learned on the course and provide our own opinions and justifications. Post-debate, we would receive insightful feedback and were treated to supplementary lessons, before wrapping up the day comprehensively.

    What was the most memorable moment with World Scholars Academy?

    One of the most memorable moments was at the end of the program during our clinical skills-building lesson, where we were put in the position of a medical doctor having to assess and diagnose a patient presenting symptoms. It left an everlasting impression on me, as it provided the opportunity to step into the shoes of medical professionals. It deepened my understanding of the responsibility that doctors have for the care of their patients and the skills they must acquire to succeed in the field.

    What advice do you have for teens looking at summer programs?

    Participation in summer programs is immensely beneficial, as it provides a solid foundation for achieving your future goals. When exploring summer programs, it's crucial to research the expertise of the instructors and that it aligns with your interests. Additionally, searching through the program's reviews will provide valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Check if the scheduling aligns with your availability and whether the choice is the right fit for you. This will ensure a great experience in your summer program!

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