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    Student Testimonial: Tufts University: Pre-College Programs

    Posted December 21, 2023, 8:00 am by TeenLife

    Shaanya Punjabi - Tufts University: Pre-College Programs

    I opted for Tufts University Pre-College due to their diverse range of intriguing programs spanning various fields. Among these offerings, what particularly caught my attention was a program focused on laboratory investigations, which perfectly aligned with my desire to delve deeper into this area of study. Moreover, the program included exciting field trips to institutions such as Tufts Veterinary School and Tufts Medical School, providing me with valuable insights into the STEM field. I believe that the Tufts Pre-College program on laboratory investigations is the ideal platform for me to further my studies in microbiology and laboratory skills, which is precisely what I was seeking in a summer program.

    This comprehensive program promises to offer the ideal blend of academic exploration and practical experience, allowing me to pursue my passion and expand my knowledge in the field.

    Choosing the right summer program was a meticulous process for me, involving extensive research and attention to detail across various colleges and their offerings. After careful consideration, I ultimately determined that the Tufts Pre-College program, specifically "Lab Science Investigations," was the ideal fit for me. My decision was rooted in my profound interest in lab experiments, which I have been unable to fully explore at my school in Indonesia due to the lack of advanced equipment and facilities.

    Furthermore, the program's focus on antimicrobial resistance greatly intrigued me, as I had frequently encountered this term in the STEM field. Naturally, I was eager to delve deeper into this topic and gain a more comprehensive understanding of microbiology. Thus, I confidently concluded that this program would provide me with valuable laboratory skills and a profound insight into the world of microbiology.

    A typical day in my program was a delightful blend of education and enjoyment. It all began with engaging morning lectures right after a wholesome breakfast. Our instructor was exceptionally skilled, ensuring that these lectures were not just informative but also incredibly fascinating. Every day, I looked forward to these sessions as they provided me with the opportunity to learn something new and exciting.

    The midday break for lunch was more than just a mealtime. It became a social and intellectual gathering. During these breaks, I had the chance to engage with my peers, discuss the morning lectures, and share our unique insights. These discussions not only added depth to our understanding but also nurtured the sense of camaraderie among other students.

    After lunch, the highlight of our day began - the laboratory sessions. Working in smaller groups, we delved into a variety of experiments. This hands-on experience was the highlight of the program for me. It allowed me to put theoretical knowledge into practice, learn new experimental techniques, and become familiar with different laboratory equipment. The thrill of conducting experiments and witnessing scientific principles in action was truly exhilarating.

    Post-lab time, we transitioned into "science communication" sessions. In smaller groups, we discussed the experiments we had just conducted and the broader knowledge we had gained. These discussions were both intellectually stimulating and rewarding on a personal level. It was during these sessions that I not only deepened my understanding but also formed some of the most meaningful friendships.

    While every moment in the laboratory was undeniably incredible, the most cherished memories from my program revolve around the friendships I forged. The bonds I formed with my peers during our time together were truly special and enduring.

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