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    Student Testimonial: Seton Hill University, School of Visual & Performing Arts

    Posted July 31, 2023, 10:00 am by TeenLife
    Seton Hill Student

    Teresa Kondas - Seton Hill University, School of Visual & Performing Arts

    Why did you choose to attend Seton Hill University and select this major?

    I have been on Seton Hill University’s campus from a young age, and every time I was on campus, I felt right at home. It sealed the deal for me when I went to Seton Hill Open House during my junior year of high school to learn more about the university and the program I was interested in. I went to a small high school about ten minutes from Seton Hill, and I loved the small atmosphere from my high school. I wanted that same small atmosphere when I went to college.

    Growing up, I had always been interested in movies, special effects, and animation. My favorite movies were Marvel movies, and I knew I wanted to get into something where I could create something I love. So, when I discovered that Seton Hill had a Graphic and Interactive Design program and I could concentrate on animation, I knew it was the place for me.

    What did you hope to get out of your time at Seton Hill, and did you achieve it?

    When entering the program, I wanted to learn more about the different paths that graphic design can take me. I knew I wanted to do animation and work for Disney or Pixar due to my love for their movies and animations. In the last three years, Seton Hill has opened my eyes to different job opportunities around me after learning about the various graphic design fields. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

    My professors allow us to learn and develop different skills for each area. I learned how to design websites, which caught my attention, then I learned about UX designers (User Experience), and it also caught my attention. Seton Hill University allows students to dip their toes into different job opportunities through internships.

    Did you have to prepare for this major in any way? If you didn't, do you wish you did?

    My graphic design class in high school introduced me to Adobe Photoshop. I didn’t have much experience with Adobe products. I was then introduced to other Adobe products, like Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, during my freshman year of college.

    What was a typical day at Seton Hill like?

    My studio classes are Monday through Thursday. They can either start in the morning or start in the afternoon. They are about three hours long which is divided up into sections. The first hour and a half is lecture time, where my professor will introduce background information.

    For example, during my History of Animation class, we would learn about a period of animation and take notes. The last hour and a half would be studio time to work on any projects relating to the period. After classes, I would meet up with friends and find different spots on campus to catch up or do work.

    What was the most memorable moment of your time at this college?

    The most memorable moment of my time at Seton Hill is Christmas on the Hill. Lowe Dining Hall gets decorated with Christmas decorations and hosts a free formal dinner for Seton Hill students. My friends and I reserved a large table to celebrate together. Our professors join the festivities by serving us food, which is always lovely to see.

    What advice do you have for teens looking for the right college?

    Picking the right college is hard and intimidating. Trust me, you will find the college that makes you feel right at home and makes you want to keep pushing yourself. It is scary, but you will find that place that helps you become the person you want to be - like I did with Seton Hill.

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