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    Student Testimonial: SCAD Pre-College Summer Programs

    Posted December 20, 2023, 8:00 am by TeenLife

    Amanda Rabade - SCAD Pre-College Summer Programs

    Why did you choose to participate in SCAD Pre-College Summer Programs?

    I was getting more active in my school’s art club, but I still felt like an outsider. I wanted a chance to meet people that were more like me, and wanted to pursue art seriously. Two weeks away from home sounded really scary, but I knew it would allow me to explore different avenues of art I didn’t have access to at my high school. I enjoyed Summer Seminars so much, I decided to participate in Rising Star the following summer. Rising Star gave me the boost I needed to propel me in my own creative direction.

    Around the same time the following year, I was struggling to decide if I wanted to do SCAD’s five-week summer program, or Ringling’s five-week summer program. I was leaning more towards Ringling, especially since I had already spent one summer at SCAD. I figured it would be best to explore another school to make the most use out of my time. But then I remembered how much fun I had the year prior, and how many friends I had made from it. I loved SCAD so much I couldn’t bear to miss out on another great summer.

    What was a typical day in SCAD Pre-College Summer Programs?

    For Summer Seminars, I would have breakfast with all of the girls in my hall. Then we would make our way to the bus stop and go to our workshops. During lunch time, our SSA would take us to different fun places downtown before we headed off to our afternoon workshops. And there was always something fun happening in the evening, like a movie or silent disco. Rising Star days were pretty similar, I would eat breakfast with the other girls in my room before heading to our first class. I’d eat lunch with friends and maybe go shopping downtown before my afternoon class. Sometimes my friends and I would splurge and get dinner off campus for a little change of pace.

    What was the most memorable moment of SCAD Pre-College Summer Programs?

    My favorite memory from Summer Seminars was from my 3D animation workshop. I hadn’t been progressing well in my 2D animation class so I didn’t feel really good about that project by the end of the week. But I felt so much joy when I was messing around in Maya for the first time that all of my worries from my 2D workshop completely disappeared. That moment was the first step getting me into the career of my dreams. One of my favorite memories at Rising Star was one of the nights I was up late gossiping with my roommate about the boys we had crushes on back home. I was a very shy person in high school and it was always very difficult for me to talk about my interests so I was very grateful to have a roommate that was more outgoing to help me out of my shell.

    What advice do you have for teens looking at summer programs?

    Don’t be scared! I know it’s scary leaving home for a week, let alone five, but you won’t regret going. This year marks the 6th summer since I attended my first summer program, and I still talk to those girls and remember all of the fun we had. I recommend Summer Seminars if you’re a bit unsure about pursuing art as a career. It’s much less of a commitment than Rising Star but still just as fun filled. It’s a perfect opportunity to put your feelers out there and find what really speaks to you. Since enrolling at SCAD I've had the opportunity to work as a pre-college assistant twice and have loved that experience too!

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