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    Student Testimonial: Principia College

    Posted July 26, 2023, 11:00 am by TeenLife
    Prinicipia College student dancing

    Emily Coolidge - Prinicipia College

    Why Did You Choose Principia College?

    What led me to choose Principia was simple: After I visited the campus, I was able to picture myself as a student! Although I always knew theatre was the avenue I wanted to pursue in college, I have always made it my mission to become a well-rounded artist in the performing arts. For me, that meant educating myself in a variety of subjects beyond my major. Principia allowed me to do just that! Principia gave me the freedom to not only pursue my initial passions, but to also explore other interests I had in Dance, English, History, Sociology, and so much more. This not only enriched my educational experience overall, but gave me depth as an artist. That really is the beauty of a liberal arts education!

    What is Your Favorite Part of Principia College?

    What I love about Principia’s theatre program, is that you have the opportunity to work with a small, close-knit group of artists each bringing their own talents to the table in a safe and nurturing environment that is at the same time, there to push you to go beyond what you believed you were capable of doing. I knew I wanted this intimate way of learning because I received real-time feedback from my professors, they were always accessible, and genuinely cared about my progress and individual goals as an artist and performer. Something also unique to Principia’s theatre and dance programs is that you begin right away! You not only start working on your craft in the classroom but you can start auditioning and participating in productions immediately.

    Anytime I performed on stage was memorable for me. In particular, all of the dance productions I participated in were special because from the first to the last, I can go back and recall all of the progress I made in each one, as well as the loving cast members I got to share the stage with. I also had the opportunity to demonstrate many aspects of my creativity from choreographing, to light and costume design, all while getting to perform!

    Would You Recommend Principia College to Others?

    When you have the opportunity to visit a school you’re interested in, I think it’s most beneficial to really take the time - if possible - to sit in on classes and watch and listen to how the students and professors interact, and see if you can imagine yourself participating in the class too. Also, if you’re able to meet one-on-one with the professor of the major or major(s) you are potentially interested in, having that dialogue with them as well as getting a feel for their teaching style and their own insights on the program is incredibly helpful in navigating the college application process!

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