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    Student Testimonial: Northwestern CTD Online Honors Program

    Student Testimonial: Northwestern CTD Online Honors Program

    Posted August 19, 2021, 1:59 pm by TeenLife

    Anna Brown - Northwestern University Center For Talent Development

    Why Did You Choose To Participate in This Program?

    The CTD Geometry class fostered my work ethic and my desire for learning, and while these aspects of myself still aren't as great as I make them out to be, they wouldn't be where they are without CTD's teaching. My teacher was very helpful in getting me through this class. At times, I struggled but my teacher was able to encourage me to keep going and I'm so glad that I did.

    How Did You Decide What Program Was Right For You?

    I chose this program because of its flexibility which helped me out while I was juggling other activities inside and outside of school. Because this class was online, I was able to do it at a time that worked for me. So once I was done with my homework from school, I would work on my homework for my Geometry class.

    Without this class I had spent so much time invested in, I wouldn't be at a school I love with all my heart, nor would I be a freshman in high school currently taking a pre-calculus class I love as much as I do. The Geometry class gave me the opportunity to take an HS level class before I started high school. I knew that the high school that I wanted to go to was competitive, so taking the CTD Geometry class helped me stand out among the other students.

    What Advice Do You Have For Teens Looking for Online Programs?

    My advice for other teens who are thinking about taking a CTD course would be to not be afraid of a new challenge because it might lead you to something great. For me, that was getting into my dream high school.

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