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    Student Testimonial: Minneapolis College of Art and Design

    Posted June 14, 2022, 12:10 pm by TeenLife

    Makayla Smith - Minneapolis College of Art and Design

    Why did you choose to Minneapolis College of Art and Design and select your major?

    I always dreamed of going to an art college ever since middle school. As a young POC artist I was really passionate about a lot of different art forms. My interests ranged from drawing and painting to photography or printmaking. In order for me to continue my education after I graduated high school I needed financial aid, which was always a significant factor for choosing my next steps in pursuing my education. In the end, I chose to major in Fine Arts Studio at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design because of its diverse community, financial aid offer, and accessibility to exploring different art forms.

    What do you hope to get out of the program? (and/or what have you gotten out of this program?)

    I have been able to have the opportunity to explore my different interests and further develop my creative process. Currently I am a Fine Arts Studio major with an emphasis in Photography and a Teaching Artist minor. I love how the program has offered me the opportunity to be able to combine my different interests for my future career paths.

    Did you have to prepare for your major in any way? If you didn't, do you wish you did?

    I'm going into my sophomore year at MCAD so when I was an incoming first-year I really did not know what path I wanted to specifically go down. It was a little intimidating to not know what I really wanted to do but thankfully MCAD has many opportunities to explore! I did not choose my major until the last semester of my first year. Looking back I would want to let myself know not to stress about what major I was going to declare because MCAD teachers and staff are really willing to help you figure out the process and what is best for you!

    What is a typical day at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design like?

    A typical school day for me is going to class from 9:30–noon, having lunch, then going to my studio class from 1:00-6. After that, I would eat dinner and then study or work on projects for my other classes. On nice days I would study outside or go hang out with friends around campus.

    What advice do you have for teens looking for the right college?

    My advice would be to follow your intuition, not to worry about what other people are doing, and ask TONS of questions. Personally, asking questions seemed very daunting at first but it gets easier, and it is really beneficial. Being a first-generation student, the college search often seemed like a big scary void. I often felt very overwhelmed and had no idea what direction to go in. Looking back, I think what helped me the most was applying to as many colleges as I could. Since I was on a tight budget, I really looked for colleges that had low or free application fees. Many of the colleges I applied to I got accepted into and it really came down to how much financial aid I would be offered in a school, the environment, and opportunities offered that would fit my artistic needs for my future career.

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