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    Student Testimonial: Powerful Youth Global Leadership Academy

    Posted December 18, 2023, 8:00 am by TeenLife

    Ameyali Casañas - Powerful Youth Global Leadership Academy

    Why did you choose to participate in Powerful Youth Global Leadership Academy?

    I chose to participate in this program because it was the best summer camp of those I had reviewed. When I attended for the second time, it was because I loved my first time there. I wanted to experience it again so I could learn more about myself in a moment when I felt lost, which helped me a lot.

    The program's schedule and activities—and the fact that you had the opportunity to help your own community with a project—were great draws. I had the opportunity to make a difference because I've always felt that spirit of service in me! And I did so while while connecting with teenagers around the globe, getting to know a beautiful country, and living amazing experiences with incredible people.

    What was a typical day like?

    A typical day starts with breakfast and getting to know your roommates, followed by morning coffee. It's actually not coffee but a game. Then the amazing activities start. Those activities depend on the day because they're all different.

    For example the first morning included lots of activities to get to know each other. After lunch we have another block of activities where you have more fun, either on or off the campus. Believe me, you never get bored! Every activity is designed for learning in a fun way.

    After a tasty dinner, we have the last block of activities, followed by free time, where you can either play, talk to your parents, hang out with your friends, dance, read, and so on. Finally we have lights out at 10 pm, to get a good night's sleep and prepare for the next day!! Overall, each day is different and awesome. You get to know people from a lot of countries and backgrounds.

    What was most memorable about of your experience?

    The most memorable moment of the program was when my home group and I did our service challenge. It was a fundraiser about protecting the environment and educating people about this problem concerning us all.

    At the beginning, we didn't know what direction to take our service challenge, but by the end, the staff, our group brainstorm sessions, and the good atmosphere that we created to work together, made the service challenge a wonderful experience.

    We learned, had fun, challenged ourselves, and obtained really good results, and lifetime friendships, and experiences. I also loved the creation of everyone's Dream Projects, seeing my home group members working on their passions and ending up with amazing projects. I also loved getting to know different cultures!

    What advice do you have for teens looking at summer programs?

    If you're considering the Global Leadership Academy, I can tell you to go for it! You won't regret it, believe me. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. GLA helped me gain confidence in myself, recognize my potential, and define my purpose in life.

    I truly learned the power of teamwork. Plus, I also learned strategies to use these abilities that I have to develop a project where I can help my community. GLA allows you to find your passions as well as gain inspiration from others. It helps you build your future in an amazing and positive way. You learn how powerful you are and the impact you have on those around you.

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