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    Student Testimonial: Future Physicians America

    Posted December 12, 2023, 8:00 am by TeenLife

    Megan Vu - Future Physicians America

    In my quest to pursue a future as a physician, I actively sought opportunities to strengthen my foundations in clinical research while recognizing the significance of collaboration. I specifically chose FPA because 1) it was the only high school program I found that guaranteed my being able to perform and actually publish my clinical research and 2) its focus on interactive learning.

    While teaching me important skills such as advanced cardiac life support, reading an EKG, and managing traumatic wounds, FPA also helped me apply those skills. In fact, my fondest memory was the medical simulation in which we had to resuscitate a mannequin that was actively trying to die on us! This experience accurately represented the urgency of the situation, with the stressful beeping and ominous EKG tracings demanding us to make life-saving decisions on the spot.

    But FPA wasn't limited to performing CPR. I also learned suturing, splinting, point of care ultrasonography, endotracheal intubation, intraosseous access, using an AED, performing a neurologic exam and draining an abscess.

    Another huge highlight of FPA was the opportunity to learn how to write a medical paper. The faculty taught me how to perform my own clinical research, including data collection and statistical analysis. I was able to publish 3 papers in PubMed indexed journals by the time I sent in my Early Decision application to Brown PLME.

    A typical day at FPA usually starts off with a lecture, introducing the new knowledge and techniques. Then, the second half of the session is devoted to putting into practice what we learned. And, it's okay to mess up! The faculty provided a comforting, stress-free environment that actively promotes learning. (Thank goodness because I can't sew sutures for my life).

    Finding good pre-med summer programs can be hard, but a good starting point is to consider your preferred learning methods. For me, I learn best by lectures and hands-on methods. I loved interactiveness of the faculty, and their ability to break down the complex material. There was a ton of learning, but the small class size made for a lot of engaging discussion, so I also had a lot of fun. And, I also tend to mess up a lot, so the welcoming environment of FPA was a great fit for me.

    I cannot overstate how great FPA was for me. Because FPA provided me with a solid foundation, I can confidently pursue my academic goals at Brown University as a 1st year PLME student.

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