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    Student Testimonial: Dean College

    Student Testimonial: Dean College

    Posted August 19, 2021, 2:51 pm by TeenLife

    Mariah Sherier - Dean College

    Why did you choose to attend this college and select this major?

    I chose to attend Dean College after hours of research on schools who offered my chosen program and visiting the campus. I wanted to study Dance so that I could have a degree in something I am passionate about. I am entering my 18th year of dance and I also wanted to also study something that would offer me job security after my dancing days come to an end. The Arts and Entertainment Management (AMGT) program was perfectly curated for me and my love of the arts. Dean was the only school that offered me the ability to double major in AMGT as well as Dance. It was the perfect fit for me to continue my education.

    What did you hope to get out of the program, and did you achieve it?

    I hoped to get experience in the management industry of the arts as well as more dance technique classes. I am achieving exactly what I hoped for from these programs. My schedule is everything I dreamed of. I get to dance and take classes in my selected program every day and then have rehearsals for shows and tap team – one of our audition-based dance teams on campus – after classes. As part of my AMGT program I was excited to be selected to attend and volunteer at a conference in NYC for Performing Arts Presenters; this also counted as credits towards my degree.

    Did you have to prepare for this major in any way? If you didn’t, do you wish you did?

    For my AMGT program, there was little preparation needed. Having general knowledge of theatre, dance, and performing arts was very beneficial. For my Dance program, there was a lot of preparation. Dance experience and knowledge were crucial for the audition at Dean. You need to be in peak physical shape for your dance classes. In between semesters we continue to train to build our strength and flexibility, so we won’t lose what we worked so hard for all semester.

    What was a typical day like?

    A typical day for me, a double major, is very busy! I have classes Monday through Friday beginning at 8am and sometimes going all day until about 6pm. After that, I have rehearsals some days of the week until about 9pm. Each semester changed a bit because I was taking different classes. I would have a mix of dance technique classes, general education classes, and my core major requirements throughout my day.

    What was the most memorable moment of your time at this college?

    The most memorable moment of my time at Dean was being on the field the home opener ceremony for the New England Patriots football team in 2019. Several students were selected to be a part of this special event at Gillette Stadium. Dean College has a partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment – the ownership group of the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and Patriots Place. With this amazing partnership, Dean students can access so many opportunities, including the one I got to be a part of.

    What advice do you have for teens looking for the right college?

    My number one piece of advice for any student looking for the right college is to visit the campus! If you can visit and meet faculty and current students, take advantage of that! If you do not have that option, most colleges offer a virtual visit and tour that will be very beneficial as well. In addition to visiting the campus, email the college’s admissions office, and ask for more information about your preferred program and the contact information of current students. I am a student ambassador at Dean, and we love getting to talk to prospective students and answering questions about our school and its programs!

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