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    Student Testimonial: Dean College School of the Arts

    Posted August 30, 2023, 9:19 am by TeenLife
    dean college logo and student

    Myles Luongo-Clay, Dean College School of the Arts

    Why Did You Choose to Attend Dean College and Major in Musical Theater? 

    The second I auditioned at Dean they made me feel as if I was already a part of the community. They quickly found a way to make Dean feel like home. The Theater program was full of people ready and eager to accept me and that was the reason I had to enroll at Dean. 

    What Did You Hope to Get Out of the Program, and Did You Achieve It?

    I wanted a program that would allow me to grow as an artist and I loved the idea of becoming a triple threat. I wanted to grow as a writer, I wanted to improve my directing skills, and I wanted to learn what it was like to produce my own show. Dean allowed me to do that. I’ve been able to produce, write, and direct on multiple occasions throughout my time here at Dean. It was the perfect program for me. 

    Did You Have to Prepare for this Major in Any Way?

    Oh boy did I! Preparing for Musical Theater is a lot! But when you love what you are doing, it’s all part of a bigger goal. It’s voice lessons, acting classes, dance classes, and music theory, As well as work shopping your resume, improving your networking, discovering your type and figuring out just what you are good at. Not to mention getting material ready for the auditions themselves! Years and years of training just to get seen. 

    What is a Typical Day Like at Dean College? 

    My typical day is busy. It’s full of classes; dance class, voice lessons, acting classes etc. When I’m doing a show, my day is even crazier, usually 9 am - 10 pm. While I’m going nonstop, I always try to find an hour for myself for a quick nap or a bite to eat. 

    What was the Most Memorable Moment at Dean College? 

    College is one giant “you had to be there” moment, but the summary of my junior year at Dean College was that every semester was filled with growth, love, and excitement! Dean always created moments worth reliving - too many to talk about! 

    What Advice Do You Have for Teens Looking for the Right College? 

    Pick the place where people gravitate towards you. When you step on that campus do people make you feel invited? That's a huge aspect; yes, classes and feeling challenged are important, but the people are what make your college experience. For me the people have made my Dean experience and they quickly set themselves apart and made me feel as if I was already a part of something. 

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