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    Student Testimonial: Dean College

    Posted July 6, 2022, 2:30 pm by TeenLife

    Benjamin LeBlanc - Dean College

    Why Did You Choose to Attend Dean College and Select This Major?

    I grew up in a family of performers from dancers to figure skaters and at an early age you could find me dancing. I never missed an opportunity to perform, and I loved it. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with singing and musical theatre. It was then that I knew that I wanted to be a performer when I grew up. When it came time to look at colleges, I knew I wanted to combine my two passions – dance and theatre. Many schools discouraged pursuing both majors, but Dean College not only supported the idea but had students who were doing the same thing. After meeting those students, I knew Dean was the place for me. Dean gave me the freedom to pursue my passions and supplied me with the tools I need to reach my dreams.

    What Did You Hope to Get Out of the Program, and Did you Achieve It?

    I knew I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded, driven performers like myself. I want to be in an environment where I would be pushed by the talent around me so that I could be the best performer possible. This environment would not only push me to be the best but encourage others to be their best. We are able to grow collectively and do something special together.

    Did You Have To Prepare for This Major in Any Way?

    Because I grew up in a family of performers, I’ve been training for my major my whole life. Early on I took dance lessons in styles like tap, jazz, ballet and acro. Then, in middle school I started in theatre, getting more comfortable performing. By the time I was in high school, my training became more serious at the Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH. There I was surrounded by incredible talent and teachers who had success at the highest level, including on Broadway. I participated in semester-long intensives and performed in productions put on by Palace’s artistic director and visiting artists.

    What Was a Typical Day Like?

    A typical day starts with getting my body and mind ready for the day. Most days I start with stretching routines, yoga and goal setting. Then I’m off to class. I take a mix of general education classes that give me a holistic education and theatre classes that hone my skills. From there, I’m off to rehearsals for my current project or show. And, of course, I carve out time for friends and participating in clubs like Speakeasies, Dean’s improv group.

    What Was the Most Memorable Moment of Your Time at Dean College?

    Outside of growing as a performer, I love championing my peers. One of my closest friends had written a play, something he’d spent years working on. When he shared it with me, it became one of the best things I’d ever read. He asked if I’d be willing to play the lead. I obviously said yes and even offered to help him produce the show. In no time we put together a team to get the production off the ground and ready for the stage.

    What Advice Do You Have for Teens Looking for the Right College?

    Your college choice will be your home for the next four years, so you need to make sure you find a place that feels like home. Sure, you need to make sure the school has the right major, resources, and support, but more importantly, it needs to feel like home and has a community where you fit

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