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    Student Testimonial: Boston Leadership Institute, Intro to Surgery

    Posted December 6, 2022, 10:14 am by TeenLife

    Bryanah Houstin, 2023. Boston Leadership Institute: Intro to Surgery

    I took Intro to Surgery, described by BLI as a one-week medical program that introduces students to basic surgical skills, such as surgical knot tying and suturing. It allows us to translate these skills to mock surgeries. Students focus on cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery bypass grafting. Students additionally complete, in groups, a slideshow presentation involving cardiothoracic diseases and their surgical treatments. They will then practice their presenting skills as they present their work to the rest of the class. They learn skills that will aid them in the process of applying to and succeeding in pre-med and medical programs in their futures.

    During my time attending the BLI Intro to Surgery program, I feel that it impacted me in many ways. I learned skills early on that I otherwise would have had to learn further in my academic career. I was taught verbal study hacks by my amazing instructors. These helped me not only remember the materials better but also how to be more attentive. Overall, I learned skills that will help me down the road to further my education and lead me to be the surgeon I one day hope to become. I was able to perform mock surgeries such as a gastric bypass and a CABG as well as learn and apply many different suture technics that I still practice today. I was also taught the proper way to check someone's blood pressure.

    This skill enabled me to be able to check my dad’s blood pressure when needed, which I was unable to do prior to my BLI experience. Being involved in hands-on learning helped me understand and physically see what I was learning to prepare me for the work I will be executing in the future. Apart from the medical skills I took part in, I learned how to be a leader and the importance of collaboration skills. I learned how to work together when in groups/duos and listen to other people's thoughts and ideas. I gained the ability to better my public speaking when presenting my own ideas to my peers. All in all, I learned leadership skills that I now apply to my everyday life. I am involved in multiple clubs at my school, some of which I lead to excel in the community and accomplish great goals. I am forever grateful and blessed that I had the opportunity to learn such amazing things at BLI.

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